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  1. Suhkoi

    The administrator abuses his authority

    I was on the Chinese channel to discuss some guild trade in gold coins.Then there is a guild to report me rumors, the administrator arbitrarily prohibit my speech.The Chinese guild has been trading gold coins, and I just told them not to trade gold coins and ruin the gaming experience.The Chinese manager is so free to forbid me, I doubt whether his job can be notarized.
  2. Suhkoi

    The administrator abuses his authority

    Talk about some guilds, the issue of gold trading.But was the Chinese administrator ban.A free speech of the world, why would recruit such a Chinese administrator?
  3. server:Elysium Role Name: Hemolysis I am discussing the issue on the server China channel, about the sale of gold coins Association was sealed things, some guild looking for familiar with the administrator will I ban speech. In the world of freedom of speech, even such a thing happens. If i'm just talking about this topic, framed me slander need evidence! Free speech is every player must protect, and now I ask for notarization. for freedom!
  4. Suhkoi

    USA West Coast latency issues

    It should be a hurricane problem
  5. I got scammered, union hired me DKP did not pay my loss. Find reason to dismiss me.
  6. In the Chinese trade unions have a president to recruit some players to a copy, and then use the DKP system to allocate equipment, but after killing a few progress, due to the threat of small groups of interests, those who have DKP or potential threat to find a reason to kick the union, this How to do the problem, I am one of the victims.
  7. Suhkoi


  8. Suhkoi


    Account Name: PVP/PVE Realm:Elysium PVP E-Mail Associated With Account: Highest Level Character Name:44lv Paladin Ban Reason/Notes:Dear administrator, I do not know why the account was banned. I did not engage in illegal transactions in the game have been using the game BUG. Always follow the rules. Please investigate the reason again, hoping to lift my prohibited account. Thank you very much for allowing me to travel to Azeroth again the opportunity. Finally, the appeal expressed hope, although my English is not good, hope you can understand. If I have to express the inaccuracies, but also hope that my friends to help me under the complaint. Once again pay tribute!
  9. Suhkoi

    Ask the administrator for help

    I was reported malicious attacks, and I was poor English. Very annoying!
  10. Suhkoi

    Ask the administrator for help

    Hello, my English is not good, I have modified to complete. You see next
  11. Suhkoi

    Ask the administrator for help

    sorry I do not use, can you help me?
  12. Account Name: PVP/PVE Realm:Elysium PVP E-Mail Associated With Account: Highest Level Character Name: 44lv Ban Reason/Notes:Hello, admin. My account was maliciously reported trading gold coins or other reasons. So it is disabled. But I have not been involved, please help me after the inquiry. I want to lift the account to prohibit the state. Thank you! English is not very skilled.