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  1. lineupofpeace

    Was Princess Theradras buffed?

    I know they nerfed a lot of other gold farming methods (LP, DM, etc.) - was Mara included? I used to be able to farm Mara without a problem - the last few times I've been getting wrecked by Princess (the boulder throws are so frequent I can't even get her down to <50% health without needing to pot). Maybe it's just RNG?
  2. lineupofpeace

    Hunter weapons...

    Logic not even once
  3. lineupofpeace

    [H] <Cry Havoc> (US) PvE/PvP

    No he was definitely arms, but it's not like 2h fury is any more viable with a shitty 2h axe anyway.
  4. lineupofpeace

    [H] <Cry Havoc> (US) PvE/PvP

    Lmao. You are the enhancement shaman I was referring to. Envying is the MS warrior, and was certainly a member of your guild at the time of the raid. This guild is a joke, and these pathetic responses are only making it worse.
  5. lineupofpeace

    Best leveling weapons for Cat - Elysium PvP

    Going to roll Druid as an alt, so will have some gold available to buy weapons to try and speed up the leveling process. I'm a little confused with how weapon damage affects Cat form on Elysium PvP - I've seen people use Midnight Mace at level 60, enchant + weapon damage, etc I've also seen people say this is an exploit and was not intended. All seems a bit confusing to me. Could someone please summarize what I should be looking for in a weapon to maximize damage in Cat form? A quick list of weapons I should try to obtain on my way to 60 would be really helpful.
  6. lineupofpeace

    [H] <Cry Havoc> (US) PvE/PvP

    Went on an MC run hosted by Cry Havoc last night - wiped so many times on trash before the first boss the entire raid needed to go and repair lmao. I guess all those items they ninja'd weren't very useful. Or maybe it was the MS warrior and Enh shaman that make up their core raid group.
  7. lineupofpeace

    Hunter weapons...

    Lol. Live with getting outrolled by huntards on Dal Rend's then.
  8. lineupofpeace

    Hunter weapons...

    Does logic not exist? So every rogue that want's Dal'Rends should make their own UBRS groups and reserve them. I ended up farming Mara a few times and buying the Arcanite Rifle because I got tired of getting outrolled on Blackcrow by the tank or rogue. Just thought this was interesting since it's my class that gets all the hate for rolling on weapons needed by other classes.
  9. lineupofpeace

    Hunter weapons...

    So 50 attack power and +1% crit is useless for a Hunter? This is the exact mentality I'm referring to. We need the stats on Dal'Rend's as much as you need the stats on Blackcrow. I would never think to roll on Dal'Rend's over a rogue who needed it, but then again I never expected every rogue to roll on Blackcrow when I needed it. And yet hunters are the ones with who get hated on...
  10. lineupofpeace

    Hunter weapons...

    So as a Hunter, every LBRS run I've been on it seems that it's perfectly acceptable for a rogue/warr (including the tank) to roll need on Blackcrow, which is the best ranged option for a Hunter unless you want to spend 300+ gold. However, every rogue/fury warr goes insane if you roll for Dal Rend's. Is there something I'm missing?
  11. lineupofpeace

    Question on pre-raid BIS gear - Elysium PvP

    I had no idea this was the case - that aimed/multi shot damage was normalized to weapon DPS. Does this change in later patches? Wouldn't Hurricane (which I bought at lvl 48 for 20g) be better than Heartseeking Crossbow then? I just bought the Arcanite Rifle and was surprised/disappointed that my aimed/multi shot damage stayed the same.
  12. Is 2H fury currently viable for raids on Ely/ZK with the gear available?
  13. lineupofpeace

    Lupos vs Broken Tooth - BM Hunter data

    I get that, I'm referring to the test in the OP. Is the higher DPS reported for Lupos after accounting for attack speed?
  14. lineupofpeace

    Lupos vs Broken Tooth - BM Hunter data

    Wait does this really not account for attack speed?
  15. lineupofpeace

    Question on pre-raid BIS gear - Elysium PvP

    Thanks a lot this is really helpful. Why is Heartseeking Crossbow better than Flawless Arcanite Rifle?