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  1. No, not that. U get a lot more ID's if we keep it blzzlike because u get to start a lot of bosses earlier because tactics are known.
  2. Justme

    Cant remember my email

    how many emails do you have? Just try all of them :V
  3. Adding new content is not a bad thing. I for one don't want the 1.0 build succubus or reckoning bug. Paladins could do with more class quests besides their hammer and ressurction (mount was a later patch) I want a classic experience, but not vanilla.
  4. Tbh thats kinda on your own for creating a password thats beyond blizzlike.
  5. Justme

    More PvE realms

    Hi I am GM PVE realms have just been doubled. Enjoy
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    Class statistics

  7. Mostly because of attendency and the ruling that tanking items generally go to the MT first. I'm not denying that its a good weapon on your MT, I'm merely stating that it's even better for the OT. The TC effect is not even relevant in this discussion because the OT is always the person providing this debuff anyways
  8. It was only BIS when threat was an issue. It's not even close to BIS when talking about migration. So yes, if you need max tps on a single person then it's BIS. For any other fight it's better on the OT.
  9. No changes to what? You want 1.0 and stick with it? You want old tier 2 looks? You want the fear->DC bug? No Maraudon dungeon? Please be more specific.
  10. Even more reason to give it to the OT. its hard enough as it is to outthreat the MT when needed.
  11. This is best suited for the OT because he has nothing better to do when not being hit. Not the MT. He should focus on his migration.
  12. with the right friends any class can join raids. It's easier for a priest then it is for a prot warrior or hunter but just befriend the classes that are needed in guilds and you can proberly tag along with someone's guild.
  13. if it makes u feel any better im only lvl 12 an got a high postcount :/
  14. Justme

    HD models allowed?

    You're not allowed to edit the model files. this includes turning yourself into a goblin, making enemy's head 3x the size or using updated models.
  15. First of all, that name is subjectively shitty, Second, the name ' Ghoulguy' is copyrighted by Nintendo as it's a character from the Mario bros. series. Ghoulgame is not really a creative twist.
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    You are allowed to have multiple accounts but you may only use them both at the same time if both account's characters that are logged in at the moment are in a capital city (eg. ironforge, orgrimmar). You may not use a 2nd account to do your AH work for you while you're grinding on your main.
  17. Given the amount of work needed I can tell 1 week is not enough without receiving their ETA :)
  18. Development cycles are usually 2 weeks, not 1 week. 1 week is extremely short considering they have RL jobs aswell.
  19. Justme

    Rip classic

    Sounds good to me. I want the classic experience, not the classic game.
  20. you don't have to keep up with the content. Just keep up with your guild. You don't have to do naxx on launchday. In fact, it wouldn't be blizzlike if you did :)
  21. you have A FULL YEAR. You should be able to hit 60 in that timeframe
  22. Change it to only open during weekdays and I agree
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    sounds blizzlike to me