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    Stuck for over a week

    GMs have been unable to respond to offline tickets due to issues with GUIDs and mail.
  2. GM's do not handle bugs or bug reports, they need to go to the github issue registry. There is nothing a GM can do to help you with a bugged item.
  3. Stodola

    Development Update 04.10.2017

    If you have evidence that this change breaks the retail vanilla behavior of the class, then I encourage you to gather that evidence and submit it on an issue on the official github where it will be reviewed.
  4. Yes. You need a GM to revive you. Make an in-game ticket. We have a command that will fix the "dead but not dead" status.
  5. Stodola

    Development Update 04.10.2017

    Please also stop making your font larger to make your posts more emphatic - like posting large images, it's obnoxious. I've explained the situation. This is NOT about what makes the class fun (ask the Paladins who would love to have custom changes and reversions to improve their play style and viability). It's about how the class worked in retail vanilla at patch 1.12.1.
  6. Stodola

    Development Update 04.10.2017

    CLASS ABILITIES and MECHANICS are designed to work as per vanilla 1.12.1, not how YOU specifically want them to.
  7. Stodola

    realm status

    GM's have invisible in-game accounts. We are perfectly capable of monitoring reported players over the cause of multiple BGs while gathering evidence. All you need to know is that we have received your report, and will look into it. Screenshots and even videos can be faked, all reports are investigated directly for legitimacy. You wouldn't want us to ban you on the say-so of other players, would you?
  8. There is an automute if you're considered to to be sending messages too quickly, or sending many repeated messages (for example, spamming the same text for looking for group to multiple players). Slow it down, tex.
  9. Stodola

    /say ...........

    You may have been automuted for sending too many messages too quickly, or a GM may have muted you for inappropriate language or behavior in public channels. You may also have been muted if you said something that triggered the spam filtering. You can make an in-game ticket to have this reviewed.
  10. Make an in-game ticket and wait for a GM to revive you.
  11. Stodola

    Can't stay in Elysium

    The WDB is a temporary caching folder that is automatically generated by the WoW client whenever it is run. I would recommend extracting/setting up your WoW client outside the Program Files directories, as it sounds like you are running afoul of UAC in windows and your changes are not being saved.
  12. Stodola

    Wtfbbqsauce LAGZ!

    Lag is not simply an issue of the size of the player base. We have communicated repeatedly about this.
  13. Stodola

    Tribute farming?

    This has been rehashed many times. We are a Bliz-iike server, not Bliz-exact. Some changes are necessary to control inflation within our realms, and to ensure a fair experience for all players.
  14. Stodola

    Boost lvl

    Boosting is not against ToS, however self-boosting whether by questing, instances, or any other method, is - as it requires multiboxing which is strictly against our Terms of Service.
  15. Stodola


    All mail is currently broken due to limitations of the core with GUIDs. We are working on a fix. This will manifest as blank messages from GMs. All Bot reports are investigated and any identified botting accounts are permanently banned.
  16. Stodola

    This guy is a beast

    You cannot select those skins without using a pack injector at creation time, if it were a case of texture replacement, all dwarfs using the same skin texture would look the same. You will be banned for doing this, and you will not be given an appeal.
  17. Please make in-game tickets for quest issues like these. @Murzilian Disharmony of Fire is required for Commander Gor'shak
  18. Stodola

    character restore?

    The character will be restored in the same state it was deleted.
  19. Stodola

    Switch quest reward

    We do not fix mistakes, accidents, or changes in mind for selecting quest rewards.
  20. We never ban anyone just on the say so of another player or a report. All reports are individually investigated. If a player reports another player for botting, or exploiting, or multiboxing, and they are not, then nothing happens. If they are, then they are sanctioned appropriately. Do mistakes get made? rarely, but that is what the ban appeal subforum is for. Which, by the way, is the only place we will discuss your ban or ban appeal with you. Make a post there if you are banned and a separate GM will review.
  21. Stodola

    Dishonour Kills

    Hi Whiskywolf, this is unfortunately a risk you take when partying with any players. DHK's have an in-game effect and are not merely cosmetic. We will not remove DHK's to assuage your conscience or OCD.
  22. Stodola

    Disgusting message

    We do not police every single action of our players. The emotes that exist in the game are there to be used by the players. If you cannot handle being /licked then I suggest you avoid social games where /licking is a possibility. Seriously, this is a waste of GM time and frivolous abuse of the ticket system.
  23. Stodola

    Account Banned and I don't know what do.

  24. Stodola

    This spam is getting ridiculous

    Make an in-game ticket with that screenshot.
  25. Stodola

    Reporting multiboxer

    Hi Krazycalvin, Please make an in-game ticket using the red '?' button, and include a link to your image.