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  1. J.AllenBrack

    Yet another Epic BoE situation

    DIRECT vs indirect. Just look up the definition of the two words you stupid cunt, stop being mad that I'm using your won words against you. "What hole? What hole? There's no hole?" I just repeated it like 4 times you daft cunt. Is that rogue going to spend that gold right away? No probably not. They are going have to level to like 55 to be able to buy and equip some pre-raid bis like the Devilsaur set (which is also just propagating that shitty Devilsaur monopoly, the set is up to like over 400g now that they are inflating the prices, which the Boots are not even going to sell for). So a 49 Warrior can equip the item right then and there and get use out of them then and there in the dungeon and use them outside of the dungeon while leveling, until they find better leveling boots from a BoP or such, and THEN still keep the item for tanking in raids. The rogue gets gold which will help him buy some BoE.... IF he manages to sell it for a good prices, IF whatever he wants to buy is being sold or on the AH, IF he can afford it, IF he meets the level requirement to equip the item. Those are just 4 of many IF's, what's stopping me from doing any of these if I have the Boots? None, I can use them immediately and DIRECTLY benefit from having the item, not from INDIRECTLY having gold to eventually buy an item. If you can't equip an item or it isn't an upgrade, or if you aren't the require level to equip an item and someone ELSE is, then you have no claim to that item and should not need. Now that is how BoP's work now and since the beginning of the goddamn game. How are BoE's any different just because they can be turned into gold, which and be turned into something else. You don't have equal or more claim to an item that someone who can use and rightfully needs the item, therefore you have no reason to need roll against said person. So once again shut the fuck up unless you have a real point, or go play outside like a good boy.
  2. J.AllenBrack

    Yet another Epic BoE situation

    Do you have any evidence to support this 12+ year rule?
  3. J.AllenBrack

    Yet another Epic BoE situation

    Also Oakenlix (aka Greedy Cunt) you just put a massive hole through your own argument: Good phrasing, INDIRECTLY, is exactly that, if it is indirectly beneficial to someone as opposed to being directly beneficial, wouldn't any competent person with a grasp of the English language understand that directly beneficial is greater that being indirectly beneficial? Directly>indirectly? Again, your words not mine.
  4. J.AllenBrack

    Yet another Epic BoE situation

    You're absolutely right, the community USED to understand this. I'm pretty certain that most vet's from vanilla/beta have actually moved on from the game, and the people who play on private vanilla servers are mostly a younger generation of people who missed the boat and never experienced live vanilla. Most of the people who think its fine to Need on every BoE are most definitely newer players (non-vanilla/tbc or from retail) because they think that they are somehow entitled to that gold and that it should rightfully belong to them, which is probably how it is in newer mmo's, they don't realize that sort of mentality doesn't translate well into a 10+ year old game. In vanilla wow gameplay is user and community driven and where when an item drops, it drops for a GROUP of players and they themselves must decide who gets the item (usually having a vote, as a roll, in who should democratically get an item, be it themselves or another player if they deem that they are more deserving), not everyone will get their own personal item. This is an MMORPG not a single player game, you play with other real people and if you're a toxic or greedy player in a community it doesn't go unnoticed. You may say that "this is how its always been on my server since vanilla" but you cant really show any evidence to prove that, while the loot rules of Need before Greed were made (though vaguely) by Blizzard and the community deemed what was acceptable and not acceptable. Going into MC and having the loot set at Need before Greed, and someone in the raid rolling NEED on a BoE (for example Blood's of the Mountain, or one of the BoE blues off Ragnaros) when they couldn't use the item or only planned on selling the item, was a kickable offense, and was and is considered to be unacceptable behavior. Go to allakazam wow and find a post that says otherwise, the truth is that you can't find anything from vanilla to back the claim that GREED is indeed ≥ Need.
  5. J.AllenBrack

    Yet another Epic BoE situation

    And also mytchi3 and Rapteg why are you commenting on this thread instead of replying to my argument on ? Oh because you'd rather come here where there are less people arguing against your point and would rather choose the easy way of claiming "there is no reason within your arguing" with no context or explaining how there is no reasoning. Also a coherent sentence would be "there is no reason within your argument". You don't even know how to properly type, how is anyone supposed to take your shitty argument seriously? Reply with a coherent point or don't bother letting garbage dribble through your mouth.
  6. J.AllenBrack

    Yet another Epic BoE situation

    Only its not the same upgrade, a person who can use and equip the item on the spot and will use the item in the very dungeon run they got the item on and well into 60 raiding gets vastly more use out of the item than someone who will sell the item after a period of time ( a day, a week, etc), and use the gold after a period of time ( a gold, a week, a month) to buy their bis gear AT 60. And to reiterate AT 60 not at 50 like I was, and the previous argument of buying the bloodvine set on the AH is null because I'm on Elysium PvP, ZG isn't out yet. I get immediate use out of the item and it will last me until I replace it with a raiding epic boots, some can argue that 2% dodge is more valuable than tier since there are diminishing returns on armor, while 2% dodge is always going to be useful. But you're just a pleb dps I'd imagine who has no idea what Bis gear means for a tank. That's my reasoning, an item I can equip and use indefinitely vs. outright greed/money that will eventually be used at 60 for an item. The only real solution is to identify and completely ignore retarded shitstains like you ingame. This is a forum, what anyone says on here means nothing, try saying making your argument in a party or raid ingame, you'll get shit on by pretty much everyone. So go ahead and hide behind the forum anonymity, your point doesn't mean shit in game.
  7. People need on BoP's all the time, sometimes they already have the item and claim they forgot they had it, or simply unequip it when it drops, I'ves seen this happen lots of times, according to you this is normal behavior. I dont need luck, I'm a tank I can just make my own groups.
  8. There was a post where stockade pauldrons dropped in a lbrs run, and people let the tank Need on it because he would use it. Everyone passed but a rogue, who needed and won the shoulders. That was unanimously considered to be Ninjaing in that thread, in this case its just 4 people trying to ninja. Which is actually worse.
  9. I'm running dungeons ML from now on, nothing you can do about greedy fucks on this server.
  10. Yea you're actually absolutely right
  11. And no, BoP BoE, doesnt really matter according to your argument " those BOE epics either since gold is interchangeable currency" gold is gold right? does it matter what form its in? BoE BoP vendor gold? Nexus Crystal?
  12. Nice hypothetical situation that will never happen. "Dont twist the argument to something its not about".... yea re-read your comment numbnuts
  13. J.AllenBrack

    Yet another Epic BoE situation

    Yea, I've come to learn that this server is full of greedy fucks, not everyone is like this, I've run with a lot of good people. But from now on,when I'm tanking and group lead I'm running dungeons with ML, no question. Pretty much no other choice.