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  1. It's not a loot council if all your buddies are in the loot council. I really don't want to be seen bashing these guys. in fact, I might even regret making this post. But I spent alot of time putting effort into <AAO>, and there were plenty more players who were around for longer than I was, who put in far more effort than I ever did. <AAO> was a beautiful thing, a great community. I am of the honest opinion that there were a group of people that didn't want to see it fruit into anything better than what it was . So much greed, so overwhelming they ruined it for everyone. The saddest thing was to see that a lot of the members just followed on to <Entropy>. These are players who I'd class as; perhaps not so much hardcore, not on all the time etc. Not to discredit them, everyone has their own life, you don't have to play WoW all the time to be valued members (without them we'd be nothing, obviously), worth as much as the next guy equally and all the same. The demise of <AAO> has almost killed Elysium as a whole for me. All i wanted to do was play vidya gaems and have fun & try to be good. Pretty sure in terms of progression <AAO> did pretty alright. I think the funniest thing, which really raised the alarm bells for me was when Skankhunt ask our GM (in a full raid discord) to step down from his position. Like really, who the fuck will step down for their own guild. Nigga built that shit from the ground up. At the same time our priest class lead was complained about to the point she stepped down. TO THIS DAY, UNTIL THE DEMISE OF <AAO> NO OTHER PRIEST EVER STEPPED UP TO DO HER JOB ANY BETTER. (healing assigns, specs etc) Our previous raid lead was also made to step down for telling the raid to "shut the fuck up" in discord during DOMO progression (we got the kill that very day). Skank, on several raids told everyone to STFU in discord. but all of a sudden it was acceptable. You should have made <Entropy> 3 fucking months ago if you weren't happy in <AAO> Just damn man, damn. I was so bumbed out. I came back from a weeks work away from my computer to find out, what we knew was going to happen for so long. Except we couldn't accept it. We all wanted to be in <AAO>. I mean really, so many of us, AGAINST ALL ODDS... *cough* wanted it to work. Ps. "Mathos" is a scammer. do not trust this player under any circumstances.