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  1. mird99

    lazyhunter autoshot+petattack macro

    this is the best all-in-one macro i have found for initializing combat: /script PetDefensiveMode()PetAttack();if CheckInteractDistance("target",3)and(not PlayerFrame.inCombat)then AttackTarget()elseif not IsAutoRepeatAction(1)then cast("Auto Shot") end if not buffed("Hunter's Mark","target") then cast("Hunter's Mark") end what it does: - set pet to defensive - attack with your pet - sets hunter's mark - attacks with ranged weapon if in valid range - attacks with melee weapon if in melee range you might need SuperMacro, not sure because i always have it installed: https://github.com/isitLoVe/SuperMacro
  2. mird99

    Staying Alive While Taming

    you can also bring another pet with you and let it tank while you are taming. Just abandon it when you are almost done.Together with ice trap you can get in 2 taming attempts easily.
  3. mird99

    Healing Stream scales with +heal

    i guess it was not inteded after all. It still scales, but now at 1-2%/tick
  4. mird99

    Max spirit- or mp5-set to regen mana fast at lvl 60?

    spirit works just fine in combat, as long as you stop casting for at least 5 seconds. mp5 is still the better option in most cases.
  5. mird99

    Max spirit- or mp5-set to regen mana fast at lvl 60?

    i find it better to go with more INT instead of mp5 for dungeons up to UBRS, when fights rarely last longer than 2min. You dont need regeneration if you dont run out of mana ;) mp5 gets better when fights are longer or when you cant take a break for a drink, in a raid for example. Spirit is not useless, but shamans rarely stop casting and it's difficult to benefit from it.
  6. mird99

    Shaman PvE Gear List

    thats pretty usefull, thanks for posting it.
  7. mird99

    Chain Heal

    i have seen a lot of hype obout chain heal in vanilla, but found myself a bit disappointed when i got it at 40. Mana efficiency is fine when you heal 3 people, but the amount healed is pretty low and i'm often better of just spamming healing wave on multiple targets. i'm not 60 yet and it might change later, but so far it's very situational. Am i missing something?
  8. mird99

    Spec suggestion

    Immolate is not necessary, but still usefull sometimes. I dont bother with it usually because it doesnt benefit from suppression or +shadow damage. You shouldnt use shadowbolts while questing. I dont even use them when nightfall procs most of the time, it's not mana efficient. Using your wand is usually enough and saves time on mana regeneration. Agony/Corruption + wand is enough while questing/grinding. Siphon Life is usefull when the target lives long enough to get a decent number of ticks out of it. No need to pause ever if you do it like this. Btw, get Dark Pact. If you get 30 in Affliction, might as well invest another point. You will want to respec at 60 anyway and Dark Pact is really usefull in the mean time.
  9. mird99

    Warlock Soloing

    you will be able to solo 3 mobs of your level easily, but it might take a few levels to grow into it. 2 should never be a problem at 20, just tank 1 with your pet and fear the second. Dot's on both and use the wand, you should have spare mana and have plenty HP to spare after that. Dont use shadowbolt, you get 2-3x (corruption) and 3-4x (agony) the damage per mana with dot's, much more efficient. Even drain life is 2x more mana efficient than shadowbolt, not even counting the life gained. btw, feared mob's (and humanoids at critical HP level) will run in the general direction away from you. I'm not sure it worked like that in original WoW, but it's very easy to predict and control them to avoid add's.
  10. mird99

    Problem of choise

    Rogues can choose when to engage, that makes them kings in PvP. They can wait for the best time to attack and disappear if it doesnt look good anymore. Difference in power is not as important compared to this.