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  1. http://realmplayers.com/GuildList.aspx?realm=Ely SECURITY has BWL loot when it's not even out yet causing them to obtain boss kills, I thought we were over with the secret loot shop...
  2. Dizeliun

    Horde Guild Reign

    Yeah maybe you should. Choosing the healthiest lifestyle while also not supporting torture and slaughter is the best way to go
  3. Dizeliun

    Vicarious needs to stop raiding...

    We left the server because its ded. Hows the connection doing?
  4. Because there is no world to spam. You wont find anyone doing any dungeon. There is only a few guilds clearing content released over 3 months ago
  5. Its dead on horde. Dont go horde
  6. I'm not the type to leave a tv show, movie, or game "half way" through no matter how bad. But darrowshire being 25% horde on a ~700 pop and steadily decreasing made it LITTERALLY IMPOSSIBLE to recruit fresh blood into my guild. I would have to resort to poaching and begging just to fill the roster. At the end (my guild died due to warmane launch) we couldn't even find fresh 60s interested in getting carried through full clears of mc/bwl in a 3hour night. We would 35man content and the entire time I would be sadly trying to poach off the smaller weaker guilds (I'm truely sorry but thats what it resorts to in dire situations as a recruitment officer) which tainted my personal reputation with these other guilds. You should have never created the fresh meme sucking the life out of the original realms. The first week you only brought back the old realms and it was jammin, it litterally was perfection. There was no need to fresh meme it up. But even when you fresh meme'd once I saw zethkur popup I knew this team had no experience with longtime mmo managing. Any other mmo you look at can show you that launch hype dies and so does all the extrendo realms with it. Not only that but with a game like wow where content is progressively launched you cause any new player looking to head to the freshest meme. This in conjunction with the naming of the realm Elysium coinciding with the project name making it clear that it's the "realm to be on". It all adds up to lack of experience on the managment of the server which led to the ultimate failure of this project. The only way I, and many others, think you can salvage this is by merging darrow into anathema. Not in 4 months like it took your lazy asses for zeth, but next week. Do as I say or face extinction from anything other than your little meme realm.
  7. cross realm BGs where one server has AQ gear and another doesnt. It's not fair. The only fix is to merge the two completely and let darrow catchup on gear
  8. <Vicarious> has left Darrowshire Horde due to not having enough people to replace the ones that are slowly leaving the dead server. Starting the new fresh meme server along with its failure of a second was the reason the old servers are dead. Elysium should have just given us the two previous realms and left it at that. <Vicarious> may return if Elysium merges all realms, otherwise it's a complete waste of time putting effort into a dying realm or project.
  9. As the title suggests, I think the 321 member limit of a guild should be lifted for the following reasons. In a guild you often have members with alts or sometimes even multiple alts, so the average 40man can upward of 80 accounts, You also have your casuals and friends of raiders often taking up a majority of the guild itself, You have the pvp players that fill slots, You have the leveling players that take up a large chunk, And you have the trials, the potential new blood for the guild 321 Member limit runs up fast when you plan two separate raiding rosters. This causes the guild to be split by having alts and leveling players in a separate guild which then have to be transferred to the main guild. In retail the guildcap was at 1000 players, if you want to provide the blizzlike experience I think this should be changed to reflect the proper cap. Thank you for reading
  10. Dizeliun

    Is There a DPS need?

    horde shamans are needed heavily
  11. fix please, major issue.