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  1. No issues this raid. Icons worked for every complex macro. Think this can go to master. Didn't test some weird /castsequence stuff though.
  2. Uhm...ok...you are welcome^^ Done nothing but posting ugly pics but ok if it helps^^ I'm not making videos but I kinda like the mod and how it works. Personally I don't see differences in the orginal version and the test branch.
  3. I'm giving up^^ Guess it's a kind of lib error somehow. After some hours raiding one random addon starts with an overflow error (while still working afterwards). A few seconds later amf starts with 2 different line overflow errors and doesn't work anymore until relog.
  4. The Luna-error was because of an outdated lib used by another addon, see this error: https://github.com/Aviana/LunaUnitFrames/issues/376 I copied the newer lib and see if it helps. Gonna try the new test version soon, got a link to a working BugSack ?
  5. My test with latest test-branch yesterday in raid. After around an hour without any issues, those 2 errors came up: and those errors came up with every button press, via hotkey or mouse. Only relog helps. Debugmode while this errors: Maybe interesting, my UF had a similar overflow-lib-error at the same time:
  6. Usually do both, depending if it's the main action bar or a sidebar. Gonna test today again in raid with newest test master.
  7. yes, working normally...just get this error when running your script and the error above during the single bossfight. Gonna do a clean install for tomorrows raid with your latest testfiles.
  8. On 4HM I got this: and the same in line 480. First time that it happend.
  9. Last spells: 1. General: War Stomp -> no macro 2. Balance: Wrath -> no macro 3. Feral: Travelform -> no macro 4. Restoration: Tranq -> no macro 90% of the macro is the maul above and the same for demo-roar...everything else is rather rare.
  10. Sorry I can't remember. Most of my macros look like: #showtooltip Maul /cast Maul /cast !attack I try to remember which one I used if the error happens again, kinda hard in the middle of the fight though^^
  11. Hey, got my error again^^ a different line this time. Pretty weird, worked a whole raid without a problem, then I got this error once and not yet again. Not tested with your latest update though.
  12. No, it's the normal enUS client. I use auto-attack macros with an "!attack" cmd provided by CastModifier, which apparently now is Roid-Macros: https://github.com/DennisWG/Roid-Macros
  13. Sorry but I got a new lua on your new test version^^ my auto-attack macros