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  1. My point still stands. Not going to play if all my stuff was just taken away and won't be given back.
  2. Well i was gonna come back and play. took a break during all that stupid drama but i come back and all my characters are gone, and yall are still debating on weather or not you will let me have them back? Like seriously? Gotta be honest if you don't merge them then i won;t be playing cause i put a lot of work into my main in particular to just have it taken away like that. I mean i honestly might as well just wait for blizzard's classic server even if it takes another 2 years to come out.
  3. Adaren21

    Development Update 30.08.2017

    i was playing with my brother the other day and we kept dying trying to kill that god damn goblin and i was yelling that his damage was too much...i'm so happy i was right.
  4. Adaren21

    Scammer Phariax <WIPE>

    That would be funnier if i didn't like guys lol.
  5. Adaren21

    Scammer Phariax <WIPE>

    Just encountered an admitted scammer, player name and guild in the title. Scammed me to sell them a crusader enchant formula much cheaper under the pretenses that she just needed it and we had been farming side by side for a bit and i decided to be nice as i had a couple to sell already and sell it to her pretty cheap as i know it can take a long time to farm the damn thing as an enchanter myself. (i know being nice is the worst thing to do right?) Anyway its not a huge loss as i only missed out on like 80g. But figured i'd just put it out there that this person is a scammer type so just beware and have fun. As for her guild honestly don't know but i personally won't trust them up to you to decide. Also if anyone is just gong to comment on me being dumb well sorry i try to be nice rofl.
  6. So you're excuse is it would be to hard? All you have to do is remove the items from the ban player's character. it's not hard I've seen it done on other servers. That gets rid of the duplicating problem cause then they won't have it...and if they are banned for such a thing sorry no appeal that's dumb. they want to play they can start over. So all it actually comes down to is you being "overwhelmed" which is just kinda a flimsy excuse. You're already taking care of the ticket to investigate/ban the player its not that much more work to add in a minute or two more to get the item back to the person scammed.
  7. Adaren21

    Crafting Bottomless Bag Alliance

  8. I recently acquired the pattern for the 18 slot Bottomless bag and can now make it on my warlock Xarathos. message me if you are interested in having one made with you mats. Contact through discord at Sinistar#2617 Mats for the bag are 8 bolt of Runecloth, 12 Mooncloth, 2 Large Brilliant shard, 2 Core leather, 2 rune thread. If you bring me all mats a tip of 20g is appreciated.