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  1. I'm really struggling with my class choice. I've tried almost everything until 20-30 but keep rerolling. One of my problems is a fear of reaching 60 and finding out that my class is so over populated that I can't actually do anything. This had kept me away from rogues and fury warriors. So my question here is, how big a difference does it actually make? Is it more a case of "if you're good you'll get a place", or do certain classes really struggle? Is it a huge difference from rolling a healer or mage/hunter/warlock? For the record I consider myself to be quite a good player. I have good knowledge about vanilla raiding, and I always strive to be the best I can be with whatever class I play, as I hate looking bad or letting my team mates down.
  2. Thanks! I've gone for Divine Intellect rather than Divine Strength, as I figured the extra mana might be better than strength. Also i have gone for Mining/Engi :)
  3. Thanks for the answer! :) Do you have any good pointers for someone just starting? Which talents to priorotise early on? Whether to Go 1h+shield or 2h? Was thinking of going down Holy for consecration first
  4. Yeah I want Consecration for the AoE threat while tanking dungeons. Also, when leveling as prot, should I be using a shield+1h all the time? Or should I go 2h when not tanking?
  5. So, I'm going to start a Dwarf Paladin, aiming to get it to level 60 to raid as Holy. I want to have fun while leveling too though, and would love to go protection so I can tank dungeons (got no plans for tanking at 60 though). Will I have a bad time if I go Holy unitl Consecration and then move over to the Prot tree? I have leveled as Retri before and found it pretty tedious.
  6. Hey! I am currently thinking about rolling a warrior. I haven't quite decided if I will be tanking or DPSing (will mostly tank dungeons while leveling at least), and I also haven't quite decided on my race. I'll be playing Alliance. I know that for fury warriors human is the best and most common choice because of their extra weapon skill. However, I really don't want to play as a human (preferably Night Elf). Is it a huge downgrade in terms of DPS to play a night elf fury warrior? I'm not a tryhard, and play pretty casually, I would like to raid one day though. Is it bad enough to be left out of raids because I'm a night elf (or dwarf/rogue). If I end up tanking it's obviously not a problem.
  7. Aruni

    Ret dps in dungeons while leveling?

    From browsing this forum I've noticed that you know a lot about Paladins. What are your thoughts on ret dps while leveling? As I mentioned I'm planning to go holy to heal in PvE at high levels, but would like to do dps until then. From what I gather it should be viable, but perhaps I'll struggle to find groups? Tried looking for a group to The Stockades today, listing myself as ret dps, with no luck. Do people still turn their noses up to paladins wanting to do other roles than healing?
  8. Aruni

    Ret dps in dungeons while leveling?

    Thanks! And yeah, I was planning on starting to heal at that point since, as you say, Pre-raid BiS items start dropping there. So in your opinion going ret dps up until BRD is fine?
  9. Hi! I am currently leveling a paladin (27 so far). So far I haven't been part of many dungeon groups (had a 60 friend run me through Deadmines and SFK), but have been part of some parties for elite quests. So far I have always been doing dps. I am specced into Retribution so far. My question is, how viable is ret dps in dungeons while leveling (especially up to lvl 50ish when I start BRD)? I quite enjoy doing dps, and it's easier to gather one set of gear. Would people invite a ret paladin to their group as a dps, or would they demand that I heal? I don't mind healing either, but I would quite like to have the option of dps'ing. At 60 I'm going holy.
  10. Aruni

    BM DPS in dungeons?

    So going for a cat for balanced leveling and dungeons would be a good option? Wolf best purely for dungeons?
  11. Aruni

    BM DPS in dungeons?

    Thanks! I'll definitely go BM then. But since my pet will be doing most of my damage, does that mean I should go for a high dps pet like a cat, wolf or raptor while leveling? Currently I have a boar.
  12. Aruni

    BM DPS in dungeons?

    Hello! I'm a new Hunter on Elysium. I've played WoW before, and although I've never been a Hunter, I know that BM is the most efficient way to level. My question is, what's it like being BM in instances? Part of the reason to why I'm playing again is doing dungeons from 1-60, and I'm looking forward to redoing Deadmines, SM, ZF. Will you do any DPS as a BM hunter? Thinking I might go Marksmanship for leveling to be more versatile, as I don't just want to grind 1-60. I'd like to experience som of the dungeons along the way.