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  1. SchfiftyFive

    MODUI addon list/replacement?

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  2. SchfiftyFive

    Server Cap or Merge Servers

    there are very few times where i will not interpret pandering as a negative. as for the 2 communities, they are imo 100% intertwined. and with that said, paying some homage to your roots? is that too much to ask? after posting a few comments on the subject and reading others, maybe it is best just to let anathema/darrow run it's course. however i do struggle to see the issue with opening elysium transfers to the older realms as a bandaid solution? you get to say 'well we tried something, didn't work. maybe merging and downgrading is the only solution to prevent the remaining 3.5-4000 raidloggers also quit.'
  3. SchfiftyFive

    Server Cap or Merge Servers

    I also personally believe this idea is terrible and a lot of unnecessary work. We all know elysium pvp and anathema are eventually going to merge, for me the perfect time to do that would be when both are on the same progression. Untill then open transfers from elysium to darrowshire and anathema. There are people that want to do aq40 or emerald dragons or whatever, now and not wait for months. There are people that chose pvp by mistake and might rather do pve. It may not be thousands of people but it would be a small influx of players and that might be enough. Even if doesn't work out in the end and only a handful of people end up moving, they did so knowing there was a risk and also the extra workload impact for a possible future merge or transfer will be minimal. I'm very much against force feeding elysium pvp or even darrowshire progression down anathemas throat, disabling items and so on and so forth. There will be a lot of angry people if you do this. And while I do understand there are no solutions where everyone is left happy I feel opening elysium overflow onto the other servers is the least hurtful all around. massively arrogant comment also announce tbc ples
  4. This request to merge Elysium and Anathema needs to be put to bed. And soon, thank you.
  5. SchfiftyFive

    How to save Anathema

    no ty
  6. Well I suggest you start a rally then if that merge is to happen it's you guys that have to push for it..
  7. Because opening transfers to elysium is an actual death sentence to anathema for those that want to remain. 100%. There is still a significant portion of people such as myself not interested in starting over again with vanilla and are content with a server peak population as is. Also you're asking staff to reallocate a massive amount of work into migrations and itemization limitations; gold capping, removing consumables as to not impact economy on target realm. This would apply to 100s, 1000s and possibly even more individual characters as the transfer effect would eventually snowball. Leaving 3 options: Open up transfers the other way(elysium->anathema), i'm sure it would still be a lot of work but at least you would not have to limit/remove items/consumables assuming it would have a lesser impact on an older and more mature economy which might not be the case. Speeding up elysium timeline and slowing down naxxramas release so you can eventually merge. Reroll elysium.
  8. I might be wrong but afaik darrowshire have not been asking for an anathema merge. Even if some have it's no where near as loud as ZK was. But the way I see it darrowshire is not merging with anathema for the simple reason that people rolled on that server because pve. The people that server attracts is a different clientele to a pvp server and the amount of people on it and active now is probably a reasonable reflection of the demand for a pve server in the vanilla community considering it's one-of-a-kind. Also demanding anathema to elysium transfers is delusional. There are countless threads and responses on this forum already that covers why that is. So you either stfu and keep playing or you reroll and start over.
  9. SchfiftyFive

    How to save Anathema

    Felmyst dad. Crestfall dad. Anathema has been handed a life-line.
  10. SchfiftyFive

    Naxxramas Public Test Announcement

    Reading this post it's clear to me you are either a troll or your brain is a blank page. 50/50
  11. SchfiftyFive

    Naxxramas Public Test Announcement

    Giants+winterfall+juju+scrolls+zanzas+blasted lands+24/7/365 dmf buff that always was +10% at which point yeah, it will affect balance. Any serious horde raiders had 3 paladin alts + a priest parked outside naxx and summon/soulstone alts all over the world. Please tell me why they should use Feenix as any sort of reference point. Tune it like anathema AQ40 and i'm sure it will be decently difficult for everyone.
  12. SchfiftyFive

    Naxxramas Public Test Announcement

    All these feenix turdnuggets coming out in herds defending the ridiculous tuning on feenix. An environment where KT was basicly unkillable if you weren't a chinese guild with 400 people able to just throw bodies at him or alliance with salvation. And this on a server where EVERY SINGLE buff was stackable. A server where the entire raid would be 95% aq40/naxx BiS, have soulstones on everyone and all available world buffs. And this was actually the minimum requirement to even begin to think about engaging a boss like KT. Please do not follow in Feenix footsteps.
  13. SchfiftyFive

    Anathema is a sidekick? Rant?

    Bear in mind, we have some big server openings coming up in TBC and also possibly another serious vanilla project in the next 6 months. Which likely means another exodus. Not to mention we all know right now the server peaks during asian hours, I'd guesstimate less than 50% of the server is now english spoken. Speeding up Elysiums timeline in order to get it up to Anathema is the most probable scenario.. I don't think you should underestimate the amount of work needed if you want to downscale anathema players.. Limiting consumables, gold, general mats and also gear for thousands of characters? How does that even play out? Such a massive mistake and a massive middle finger to all the people who pretty much made this community to open up Elysium PVP. Especially when the exact same scenario had played out on Kronos not long before.