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  1. Today i gave your pfUI a try and i am stunned! Really really really great work you did there! please keep it up!
  2. Moto

    BlizzardPlates question

    Got the same problem, please help guys!
  3. Moto

    client download

  4. They said 'far less than one year' - so what we talking about? 9 months? less? I'm hyped but dont think im going to catch up with all my rl things. Edit: What orwell said sums it up pretty much.
  5. Fresh or no comeback, it's that easy.
  6. Moto

    PvE DPS Class Selection: Warlock vs Mage

    I'm wondering what people would say which class is more needed in 60engame by that i mostly mean raids. I'm new to this sever so dont really have i clue. I know vanillaradar says there are a lot more mages - but whats the opionon from an elysium "veteran"?
  7. Moto

    2HFury Raiding Spec

    Thank you so far. One more question little bit off the topic. Let's assume I level as 2H Fury (maybe Arms at 40), if i want to do PVP I should spec Arms anyway... So, is it possible to tank the 5-Man and so on with no prot spec but 1h+shield ? I'm wondering. Would be nice to tank the 5-man and gear up my fury. And what about Ubrs/lbrs?
  8. Moto

    2HFury Raiding Spec

    Short question in generell. What is the aim for a non-tank pve warrior. are we raiding with 2HFury or DW-Fury? I assume Arms is PVP only, is that right?
  9. Moto


    When i use Modui + DebuffTimers i get 2 fonts displayed for the debuffs of my target. Does anyone know how i can fix it? When i use DebuffTimers all alone, i get a nice font with "5s" e.g
  10. thank you, also found out that BG Enemy Frames do the same..
  11. Would anyone name me the addon(s) that i'm going to need to get these lovley castbar with spellicon at my target + the nameplates?
  12. Moto

    Question about Dps/Healer Spec

    Yes, i was thinking the same 'bout Druids and Priests. I also do believe, that Paladins gonna have a hard time 50+ healing off specc/gear.. I think i'm going to roll a Priest because the idea of keeping 2 sets of gear as a shaman is awful to me. It is easier to keep/get a good up to date level gear for dps/healer specc as a priest i suppose..?
  13. Hey forum, i assume you're going to find dungeon groups way more often as a healer than just as a damagedealer. interrupt me if this isnt correct. So, i was thinking about leveling a character as dps/healer hybrid-spec - or at least i'll try to! Is that possible? The only classes that make sense are Priest, Paladin, Shaman or Druid - i was wondering if anyone could help me decicde. Maybe keeping levelspeed, needyness in a group/raid and so on in mind. And please don't tell me, "play the class that is fun 4 u" - i already did. (Mage) Now I'm looking for somethinh new and some help from you guys! I would appreciate it.