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  1. NO chance I come back at all anymore. Time and time again Shenna and Crogg have shown how distrustful they are. They are now using a Botnet to take account information from LH account and then they are screwing with those accounts so the people are left with nothing. They still haven't learned just to be straight up with people. The LH team has been nothing but transparent on everything. There is a reason that when it was discovered what was happening that virtually the entire team left with WK. Shenna and Crogg should have just listened to the people, opened a fresh server right away and moved on. All they've done instead is show that they still can't be trusted.
  2. FRESH or not a chance I come back. The other servers are already ruined with bought fully geared level 60s. Honestly, even if there was a fresh server, I'd still have to think twice. LH is running so smoothly, and there is absolutely no guarantee that the same owners from Elysium wouldn't just do the same thing again. If they just bring up their old servers, no chance I come back.
  3. Now again, I'd like to play a true Vanilla Server, and I'm going to play on whatever server is as Vanilla like as possible. I'm going to be honest, I've been paying on LH for the past several days and I can say this, their servers are running a lot smoother than the old ones with Elysium. There is no lag and there servers seem much more stable and don't seem to crash every day or two. Whatever they're doing, it's running very well. Now, I keep track of what's going on here because what I'd truly like to see is a fresh start, just so there is a sense of hope that there is a server not corrupted with sold gold, sold characters, etc. If not, there really isn't any reason to come back. The trust with the Elysium team has been destroyed and they have nobody to blame but themselves.
  4. I find it rather ironic that people are arguing that saying they'd never play on LH because they stole Elysium code.... .... you're playing on a PIRATED private server. LH just pirated the pirated code and put it up.
  5. I don't think I'd continue on a server where I know the economy is screwed up because of this mess. I'd rather start anew and at least have some sense that things were equal among players again. To be honest, if there isn't a fresh server I might bail as well. Very disappointed. I had such high hopes for Elysium.
  6. Any chance this means that once we hit 60 and have finished content that we'd be able to transfer our characters to a Burning Crusade server, etc?