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  1. Magrim

    Rolled a Human Priest

    For PvP a human can wear catseye goggles and kick on their racial and see rogues 15 yds away. Plus the 5% spirit.
  2. Magrim

    Healing Priest pvp spec?

    What's your build then?
  3. Magrim

    Healing Priest pvp spec?

    I've done this in the past http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#bxMGshboZbxtGb0VZL But that's for solo queue cross realm bgs. If your going to be more organized might want to go with a different build. Mana burn is useful. This idea that everyone is perfectly organized and tanks are in the front and healers in the back is something I've never really seen.
  4. Magrim

    New lock player

    @Lifealert Max drain at 60 before gear is 44 per tick x5 =220x.02 =4.4. so you should see a 1 PT increase for all 5 ticks half the time and 4 ticks the other half. @Agnome Please learn how spell hit works before trying to argue something you don't know very much about.
  5. Magrim

    Is it worth it to reroll a mage?

    Lock is fun if you like to multitask and so far I've noticed feels about twice as fast as a priest but that could be because it's a lot more action oriented. Also its not a bad idea to roll a farm character for herbs and ore but I would get 60 with one character first or you'll never get there. And money troubles work their way out as you max level.
  6. Magrim

    New lock player

    Binary spells combine +hit and resistance in a multiplicative way in a single roll thus spell hit will always help with that. even if they don't have resistance, there's still the rolls to break early and break on damage which spell hit is calculated into that as well. My opinion the difference is quite noticeable. Try for yourself.
  7. Magrim

    New lock player

    I've posted this a bunch of times but nobody pays attention. The extra +hit helps your binary so spells hit and stick, fear is a binary and therefore I recommend 5/5 suppression, it's all about the fears.
  8. Oh but you are. Killing someone in City without them having any chance to fight back is just so incredible, you must have worked on your timing for a whole day. The next level up would be to try stealing candy from children, then you could really prove your skills as a rogue. #lameroguevideos
  9. Magrim

    BG Premades

    This sounds exactly the way the original was, it was fixed with cross realm battle ques.
  10. Magrim

    BG Premades

    Also I think when the numbers are uneven then players at random should be put in stasis so there's always the same number of combatants in the BG.
  11. Magrim

    BG Premades

    What about cross realm battle ques, knock out the monopoly.
  12. Another rogue thinking they're amazing, so original.
  13. Magrim

    Warlock PvP Tactics Class by Class

    Good post. Any videos of all this?
  14. Twitch says I would need a time machine to view. I'm on a Mobil. We're they deleted? If so can you link more I would like to watch.
  15. I have a orc warlock that's 22 magrims. Couple other lower characters. My plan is to grind level to avoid all the running around with quests and bad groups with dungeons. If we get a good group we could grind dungeons.