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  1. <NO TARGET> Is hosting an onyxia pug this upcoming Friday 8:30am - 11:30am servertime, We also have a special event happening TBA, see our website to take a look http://www.notarget.shivtr.com/events/799701?event_instance_id=13992822, Once onyxia is down we will move onto MC. Loot rules are as follows: 1. /roll will be the deciding factor for loot distribution. Need before greed/vanity. 2. DKP will not be used, nor given for these raids. 3. Each person can only /roll and win 1 piece of gear per night, Round Robin style. If a piece of gear drops, and only a person who has already won a piece can use it, it will go to that person. DE'ing gear is on lowest priority. 4. "Main spec over off spec." Whichever role you are in the raid, is considered your main spec. It doesn't matter what your talents or otherwise mainly used spec/role is, what you are to the raid, is what you get to roll on. 5. ALL materials will be held until the end of the raid night. Mining or skinning done by anyone besides the single selected individuals is forbidden. Each kind of material dropped will be /roll'd on at once. For instance, if 4 Fiery Cores drop, [Fiery Core] /roll will be put in /rw, the top 4 /roll's will receive a Fiery Core. 6. The only items held for reserve towards <No Target> are: [Bindings of the Windseeker] (both halves), [Eye of Sulfuras], [Sulfuron Ingot], and rare crafting recipes. Sign up to this raid, or send a mail to Vanquished to reserve a slot. If you are not online at 8:30, your reserved slot is forfeited. You might still be able to make it in, but we'll be trying to fill the slot. Invites start going out at 8:00. If you have not reserved a slot, join at 8:00, and someone joins before 8:30 who has reserved a slot, you will be asked to leave.
  2. Vanquished - Ruin/Sacrifice spec warlock Same as Agroa, My gear has greatly improved since Realmplayers has last updated on my character.