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    Yet another Epic BoE situation

    No, it means that if staff of jordan drops this cheap rogue can also roll it, sell and buy these much needed boots, instead of passing on it and still being cheap towards a much needed item. Honestly, if oyu don't have time to farm gold for a BiS BoE as a rogue and instead run dungeons and pray for it to drop... you simply put your time into wrong activity
  2. Frankly, if you end up in a situation where literally everyone will equip their BoEs as an upgrade of some sort - there will be no BoEs to buy from AH. That's sad that community want to resort to getting some sort of an upgrade because of your chosen class over giving other players fair chance to also improve their character
  3. That's just bullshit and people should be called out for doing that. But it's probably case of random level 30 blues you are talking about and not shit like, dunno, Gyth's Skull. I've never seen a single person needing on BoP item when he already had one
  4. Rapteg

    Yet another Epic BoE situation

    You are just upset that you didn't get what you wanted to fair rolls and are venting at this point. There is no reason within your arguing
  5. Good luck getting groups with that attitude It's like, seriously? People blame people rolling on BoE items for being ninja, while advocating rolling or simply taking away BoP items via masterloot (which is definition of ninjaing)
  6. That's your problem. You either specify loot rules, or need on all boe.
  7. Rapteg

    Tank stole a staff he shouldnt even use!?!

    Maybe you was an asshole to him at some point of the game? There is clearly something missing from this story. Or the tank is heavy RPer and needed it for RP purposes, which is kinda weird, because he could make a reserve run for it
  8. So, you don't understand the difference between BoP and BoE items too. Gotcha. It's probably fine at your level of play then. Also you probably would want to know that there is a dungeon called Razorfen Kraul in southern barrens, it has a boss called "warlord ramtusk", he is surrounded with 2 guards each drops a polearm weapon worth ~2g when you sell them to vendor + loot from a boss himself (from 40s to 1g). I advice you to go there, kill these three, walk out, reset dungeon and repeat until you never need gold ever, then go back to doing dungeons with other people
  9. If anything, this poll how many people care about this "issue". Also, i wouldn't be surprised if some emotional people created multiple accounts to vote out of spite
  10. So, if an item has more stats you are obliged to roll on it? Don't you see obvious flaws in this system? Like, people are already salty about fury warriors taking all agility gear, and it gets ridiculous to the point of "hey, i'm a warrior tank but i roll on fury gear", which translates into "good luck anyone who uses agility OR strength, because i'm going to roll on ALL OF IT". And this i'm talking about BoP items, which are way less rare and less valuable than BoE items (because, you know, an item that gives you +2 int +8 stam compared to your current weapon, or an item that is traded for almost any other BoE item to replace your "weakest link" in equipment)
  11. Yes. People "greeding" greens are great example of how BoE system works - if you don't need a BoE - you greed it. That's why rare BoE are always "needed" - because they are needed, they are rare and expensive. You don't always sell them, you also send them to your guildmates, you also trade them, you also keep them for your alts. BoE items have way more uses than BoP - which are simply an upgrade for you current character. If you feel like you have no use at all for a 300g BoE item - roll greed. If you feel like you have no use at all for a 1g BoE item - roll greed. But show me a single person who would pass 300g to a stranger, i'll probably shake my head and die a little inside. It's like seeing a 14 years old in a friendzone
  12. So then, if i play, say, a hunter, and roll on all BoE weapons i get my hands on and refuse to equip them "because guys i tots don't have a skill yet, need to go to UD to learn it", others should pass on it because...? What happens when disagreement like "this piece is BiS for prot warrior!" and "but my piece also have more strength than my green level 41 shoulders!" are met? See, decision to "roll need when it's an upgrade" is EXTREMELY subjective, and this whole system is induces drama so hard that your party will probably just stop in its tracks when first BoE drops and will start fighting each other, instead of.. "grats" and move on
  13. It would be way more effective if you were a tank. Because there is always another hunter to replace you, sorry to say that.
  14. To paraphrase one popular saying: cry more, moo more. You guys do know how to make pvp sound really lame and your guild name kinda fits you being an edgelord