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  1. notamage

    Ele-Enh Hybrid Dps Spec

    probably just as shit if not shittier than ele or enha
  2. notamage

    Best Horde PvP guild?

    qqsha is gay but i like him
  3. notamage

    Demise of the Mafia

    bwahaha this is gold
  4. notamage

    The state of Elysium pvp

    i wonder how hard it would be to log the time logged in of the top 50 people in honor standings to have concrete proof of some of those players absolute un human like playing patterns
  5. notamage

    The state of Elysium pvp

    sad that nothing is being done about the blatant account sharing it isn't humanly possible to be online 24/7 for 4-5 days in a row
  6. notamage

    dualboxing mage and priest

    Caught a lvl 49 mage Arcaned and a 60 priest Priestn on zekthur that where clearly controled by the same person, alttabing between accounts to AOE grind more effectivly in Tanaris not sure if this kind of behavior is tolerated or not