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  1. If it creates a lot of spam, then it would help raise awareness of the issue because people would see it. you'd know if the system was working if the amount of spam began to decrease. People do stupid things because they think they can get away with them. If they know they can't and see people getting burned for being stupid then hopefully they won't try it themselves. I understand why people buy gold, they have more real money than time and are willing to pay to play. i.e. buy things they need to advance their position in the game, rather than grinding time to earn it. I have more time than real money and I enjoy earning my gold because that's a part of the game I enjoy. i.e. playing the AH and working with the economy. Other people just want to show up to PVP or raid, and are willing to pay for the privilege. If they see people getting burned for it, then maybe they'll think twice about it.
  2. Kuthela

    Time to level 60

    ten days played at four hours per day equals two months, assuming you play every day for at least four hours. Grinding> Questing> Dungeons Grinding is fastest, but gets boring if you don't run some quests too. I generally pick up the quests and do them as i grind if possible, and then if I get bored I go work on quests. Most guides recommend doing each dungeon at least once, but make sure you have all of the relevant quests before you run it.
  3. Kuthela

    Auction House Spam

    I don't limit myself to a niche market, but rather take the shotgun approach and sell everything. Most of my characters aren't high enough level yet to farm efficiently, so i sell a lot of lower level items and various crafting mats, particularly cooking reagents. Stuff like that has highs and lows and moves slowly on the market, but it does sell eventually. True, I could just vendor it all and focus on a couple of high level items or focus on leather and enchanting mats, but I see steady profit over time, and as long as my gold level goes up, I keep selling stuff. It's part of the game and I enjoy playing with the economy. Actually, I've probably flooded the market on Zeth'Kur for certain items, due to the lower player base. I'm looking forward to transferring to Darrowshire and having a larger market to work in.
  4. Kuthela

    Auction House Spam

    I typically post about 300-400 unique auction posts per day, and rarely for single item if the item is stackable. It depends on the market. Sometimes you want to post full stacks, sometimes single items sell better or are more profitable. Strange dust I generally sell in stacks, while mats like essences I sell as single items. As was previously mentioned, get an AH addon. I use AUX. It'll group all of those single items together for you and show the lowest price first. You can double click on the line if you really want to view all of the individual auctions. I have no problem at all viewing the auction house. It just takes some skill and learning how to work it.
  5. I agree. I have never even looked at the Discord for this server. I don't even have it installed. I generally browse the forums during the week to catch up, but I'm in game playing the game on weekends. No in-game warning or even something in the forums seems kind of harsh. Not everybody even looks at discord, yet it appears to be the preferred method for issuing news about what's going on.
  6. Kuthela

    About the ZK Transfer

    While the idea of making a butt-load of gold by transferring to Elysium is tempting, A) I'm not actively stockpiling anything particularly valuable. & B) I'm transferring to Darrowshire. I always played on PVE servers in retail and the only reason i chose Elysium and Zeth'Kur were because they had the lowest patch progression. I prefer the lower pop, so I'll go play on Darrowshire. Enjoy your overcrowded gankfest. I prefer to opt out and enjoy the game.
  7. Kuthela

    The Zeth'Kur problem

    I would prefer transfers both ways so people who think Elysium is too over crowded have the opportunity to move to a less crowded server. then maybe things will even out on their own. I prefer playing on a lower population server, but I can see where a little higher population would be a good thing. I still don't want to be forced to play on an over crowded server, but if it happens it happens. I can see the next topic of drama being queue times and people not being able to log in because the server is too crowded.
  8. Kuthela

    Elysium Q & A Weekly Answers! / 06.04.2017

    If you want a higher population server, go play on one. I have characters on both Zeth'Kur and Elysium, and I choose to play on Zeth'kur because it has lower population. For one thing, it's spring, the weather is getting nice and summer is around the corner. Population always drops during Spring/Summer, and picks up again in Fall/Winter. People actually go outside and don't sit in front of the computer 24/7. I would prefer to see transfers between servers than a merge. Let people decide where they want to play. I'm sure there are people who would prefer to transfer to Zeth'kur, and obviously a lot of people want to transfer to Elysium. Allowing transfers would solve a lot of the problems, or at least stop all the bitching from people who are regretting their server choices now.
  9. It isn't supposed to be easy. It's designed to be hard. Besides, leveling an alt gives you something to do to keep you busy and playing the game between raids. Nobody ever said you can't have two priests, one speced for raiding, and one speced for outside world questing and farming. If it's cheap, you swap back and forth. if it's expensive, then you have two characters with different specialties.
  10. Kuthela

    The blizzlike population

    Do any of the people screaming for a merge actually play on the server? I do, and I don't see the issue. There are people around all the time, although it isn't over crowded. Based on the auction house, I'd say it has about a third of the population of Elysium, but it's still pretty active when I'm online. Personally, I have no problem with the population at all and don't see what you're so upset about. Please find a new topic for drama and move along. Go bitch about Ungoro some more and leave ZK alone.
  11. Kuthela

    odd over priced items on ah

    I believe it is used by gold sellers this way. If it's on the neutral AH, then sometimes people will do this to transfer gold between factions, say to send gold from a Horde character to an Alliance character.
  12. No. I chose ZK because it is the furthest back in the progression. I want to be able to play through the content as I level and it is released. I don't want to suddenly be thrown into AQ and the war effort. I would prefer to experience when the realm gets there, not through a merger with a more advanced realm.
  13. I haven't really noticed an issue on Zethkur. I rolled on Elysium first, but thought it was too crowded so I gave ZK a try. I took a break to give Hellground a try because i really wanted to play on a TBC server. Hellground is dead, shutdown, so I'm back on ZK for now. As was said above, expect a player decline because of Spring/Summer. Probably won't affect my play hours much, but that's just me. I will probably be spending more time in the shop though, now that the snow is gone. Expect another huge fall off in population if Crestfall ever launches because most of the people waiting for it to launch are playing here until they finish it. I want TBC, but I don't want P2W like Excalibur, and I want a PTE experience. I'm happy here until something better happens, and maybe this will be the place to stay. That's up to the Dev Team. I think they're doing a good job and I like what i see. I don't particularly care about the drama, I just want to play the game.
  14. Yes. PVP, PVE, don't care. I'm good with either. I would prefer a progression through vanilla and then BC. I wouldn't want to jump right into a BC server as fresh lvl 60. I'd re-roll if necessary.
  15. Kuthela

    Noob Questions

    Weapon masters are in the major cities, but you have to be lvl 10 to train other weapons. No auto loot that I'm aware of, but I use Lazy Pig addon so the loot window opens under my mouse cursor and all I have to do is right click.