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  1. Hatsodoom

    POLL: Do you want a PvE TBC server?

    Glad I never saw that movie then. ATM I'm more worried about Darrowshire staying PvE.
  2. Hatsodoom

    Worth changing?

    If you're going alliance I see groups recruiting for low level dungeons all the time, groups forming for quests when multiple people are doing it, very friendly here. I say go ahead.
  3. Hatsodoom

    POLL: Do you want a PvE TBC server?

    Can someone get Nelythia out of here? Clearly they're the type of person to gank every low level they see. We don't like world PvP, some of us, like me, don't like PvP at all. End of story, get used to it.
  4. Hatsodoom

    Development Update 04.10.2017

    Sounds about right, but man we need to attract some more horde players to Darrowshire and even out the population.
  5. Honestly I don't think the population of the server is the issue. Granted yes its much lower and we should increase it somehow, but I think the issue is the disproportionate numbers between Alliance and Horde. All the horde-exlusive players will avoid Darrowshire if all they see is 300 people on when there's 700 alliance. Allowing transfers would help too, but I doubt that'll ever be a thing.
  6. Hatsodoom

    PC> Warden Staff

    I'm a little confused about its value. When I found it three different people whispered me and said it was worth more than 500. Yet on the forums and elsewhere i'm seeing 200+ What's the general asking price for it?
  7. Hatsodoom

    Thunderfury Bug?

    Not sure where to put this. Anyway whenever I see someone with Thunderfury in game, the blade itself is just a black, textureless. I think the hilt is fine. However when I inspect the player, it's fine when viewed inside the window. Here's a picture of what I'm talking about. Any ideas?
  8. When I open up the game, before I even log in, the screen is stretched out from left to right and the sides of the game screen are cut off completely. Changing the resolution in game does nothing. The screen was fine last time I played a month or two ago. Does my copy of retail WoW have something to do with it? Edit: I somehow fixed it, no idea how...
  9. Hatsodoom

    Cloning Mob

    In the Western Plaguelands, there's a quest mob, Cauldron Lord Bilemaw that's just, well cloning itself. I engaged it to find there were two of it on top of eachother. When i died and came back, there were three. When I grouped up with a warrior ro try and down even one, there were four. What's going on here? Also I rezzed at the spirit healer and none of my items took damage, not that I'm complaining.
  10. Hatsodoom

    Demon Stats?

    Do the stats of the warlock effect the stats of their summoned minion, or are the minion's stats at level 60 never going to get any higher? (I don't know how things worked back then.)
  11. Hatsodoom

    Best places for iron/mithril nodes

    I can find no Mithril AT ALL in Badlands, so I'm gonna try Searing Gorge next. Iron is abundant in BL though.
  12. Hatsodoom

    Log-In Servers down...

    Ah, glad this wasn't just me.
  13. Hatsodoom

    Mage Class Quest? (Darrowshire)

    Ok going to the gnome in IF worked. Odd, supposed to have a similar one in Goldshire.
  14. Hatsodoom

    Mage Class Quest? (Darrowshire)

    So I rolled a Human Mage on Darrowshire and did the little quest once I hit 10. I'm now 20 and supposedly there's anohter quest which was supposed to pop up at level 15. it never did. Is this a bug or is it not in game yet for whatever reason?
  15. Hatsodoom

    Arcane Missles Bug?

    Also I should note that yes, this happens with no spell knockback.