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  1. mytchi3

    Prot Pala, grinding spots

    Your problem is you think there is some magic to gold farming and that people do it fast. If you stick to one spot like EPL bats and killed those one by one for 20 hours in that week you would have at least 600 gold and levels if needed. Also you dont die to lashers man! You write /camp and you have to be alone its not possible to farm DM east as 2 people because /camp will port only one person to the entrance.
  2. This alone makes me doubt anything this project does says or even doesnt say. CMs GMs and project leaders at the time were all saying its based on data etc and now you reveal data was stale old and inacurate from dead accounts. Took them months to fix WE and it wasnt even fixed it was just a wall there to postpone release because players didnt finist it it was finished by devs. Seriously like a bunch of kids with power instead of profesionals who should be in charge of the project.
  3. mytchi3

    FP Grief is Fun

    Just please ban that fucker. I lost many minutes off my buffs being unable to fly to Silithus from Gadgetzan because FP master wasnt in the correct position ei. bugged out.
  4. mytchi3

    Same faction griefing.. Why?

    Some people just find it enjoyable to watch other people get rekt. For example if you walk down the street and see someone trip and end facedown in dog shit you laugh right??? Now these players are that shit and make people trip intentionaly
  5. mytchi3

    Prot Pala, grinding spots

    Buy one of those 3.8s boe hammers and go ret with crusader. With right spec you will reck people in pvp. See what i did there? ☺
  6. mytchi3

    Prot Pala, grinding spots

    Who said there was a point to prot?! No kind regrets killerduki doesnt count.
  7. mytchi3

    Prot Pala, grinding spots

    As prot pala you grind undead mobs in WPL cemetery or any of the farms there, its almost never fared by 60s only leveling mages. You get decent ammount of gold from cloth and silver. Leveling on farms there from 50-55 should net you at least 20g-30g per hour. Do you have spikes on shield? You need stamina on all of your gear also. Skullflame shield helps, and grenades if you need to heal.
  8. If this is true that they returned mats to you, which i dont see reason why they should ban you. And even if you just give away stuff it still shouldnt ban you. I know people who have their own consumables farmed for next 2 years and still have tens of thousands of gold. If they decide like you did to give people around them stuff it still shouldnt ban you. But if GMs ban because they see you give away stuff and people sell it on AH well, nothing can be done to prove you dont get RMT for those items people didnt consum but rather sold on AH.
  9. He "borrowed" (lol) black lotuses and bijous to people like http://realmplayers.com/CharacterViewer.aspx?realm=Ana&player=Weedcat . Probably GM thinks he got real money in return for that. So he is the person getting real money for gold (in form of items,lotus,bijous,elixirs) he sells to people. Well at least thats what i understood from it right?
  10. Its 2017 and its 12 years old game. There are no secrets to farming gold. If you want to farm gold you have to use mage/hunter or do BL circles, while also exploting buy low sell high in AH. Chinese farmers do it the same way as everyone else that doesnt make you automatically suspisious or taged for RMT.
  11. Thing is they dont have to prove anything to anyone. But if there was actually 3 hours of investigation across multiple accounts and he didnt need anything to clarify from the player some evidence must have been there. Problem is its onesided and coudl have been leared out if there was communication between GMs and victims of these bans
  12. No its not. I have hunter parked in farm spot 24/7 just using mail to get items to bank alts and sell and log him anytime i log off main to save buffs or for other reason. Same him using 2 mages to not get locked out in DM farm never playing more than one account at the same time
  13. mytchi3

    NA/EU Whats your MS?

    16ms, Vienna
  14. mytchi3


    Complaining about your or others color is racist