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  1. Ldarius

    Cant see Hidden Text

    Hi, I'm using Chrome browser and I don't seem to be able to see the text hidden by the spoiler tags. When I click it it just won't expand. The browser version is 60.0.3112.113 x64.
  2. Ldarius

    [LF] Shaman addons!

    Alright, shortly after I created this topic I tried out FlexTotems for FlexBar and it works just fine for tracking totem timers and quick access to all totems... just as CoE did. So my problem is pretty much solved, any other tips concerning addons for shaman are welcome tho!
  3. Ldarius

    [LF] Shaman addons!

    I've been using CallOfElements to keep track of my totem timers until lvl56, and then I logged in today to discover that the CoE frame was gone and I get an error on loading, something to do with TotemData file. I tried to uninstall CoE, download and install it from different sources, clear SavedVariables etc but nothing made it work again. Another shaman addon I know of is TotemTimersEnhanced but I stopped using it and switched to CoE after I found out that TTE would mess up timers every now and then. So are there any other good and working shaman addons to show totem timers and stuff?
  4. Sweet, thanks! For some reason it shows some errors on switching about failing to restore some items like heal pots and food, but still does its job.
  5. Hey guys, as you know in the standard interface there is a switch on the right side of the bottom left action bar which switches the default action bar (with the default 1-2-3-4... key bindings) to an empty action bar. You can put new spells there and they will be bound to the same 1-2-3-4... keys, and you can press the switch anytime to go back to the primary action bar. It comes handy for example when you are a shaman as it allows you to easily switch between 'DPS/PvP' and 'healer' mode and have a separate action bar for each one. However, only the bottom left action bar can be switched that way, and it would be really nice to be able to switch the upper bar as well. Anyone know about some addon that can manage action bars this way, like creating sets of action bars and switching between them by pressing a button?
  6. Ldarius

    GUIDE: Placing totems with 1 key, using Call of Elements

    Got this because Totem Timers didnt work properly. Somehow I kept thinking that this or another addon in vanilla could throw all 4 totems at once :) Well even without using the 1 button placement function, it seems like a working alternative for Totem Timers, so I'm going to use this addon from now on.
  7. Ldarius


    Now I can't get to work macros with pressed button conditions. To be specific, they work on my mage but don't work on my shaman cuz I keep getting an error from totems.lua in modui. As much as I like this UI, I will probably have to switch to something that is kept updated cuz it doesn't seem that the author is coming back in near future... Update: Alright, I just renamed the unitframes/totems.lua file to prevent it from loading, it fixed my problem. I can't find any other UI as comfortoble for me as modui anyway...
  8. That macro would be handy indeed.
  9. Ldarius

    DPSMate - A combat analyzation tool

    There is only one window, Damage. I click the gear, then Configure, then DPSMate tab, then Bars, I move the Bar font size slider but see no changes in the Damage window.
  10. Ldarius

    DPSMate - A combat analyzation tool

    I try to change settings in the Configuration > DPSmate tab but the changes do not appear on the raid dps window. Font size, bar size and everything else just won't change.
  11. Ldarius

    DPSMate - A combat analyzation tool

    Hi, I installed the addon following all the instructions but I dont seem to be able to change any visual options for the window, font size, bar size and everything.
  12. According to the information in the Timeline section, we should have got Cloth Donations enabled with today's patch. However, I couldn't find any Cloth Quartermasters. Are we going to get them? EDIT: They appeared after a server restart, so my problem is solved :D
  13. Anyone know if Ely has got cloth donations now? Cant find any npc :(
  14. Ldarius

    Combo point addon

    Just put the folder with the addon name (and containing the .lua and other files) into your *wow directory*/Interface/Addons. Then launch the game, log in, open the Addons window by clicking the button in the bottom left corner and make sure the option for loading out-of-date addons is checked. NugComboBar should be already in the list and checked too. Then you load the game and you can type /ncb too see the addon commands. If you see any errors it might be that the addon conflicts with your other addons.
  15. Ldarius

    Combo point addon

    CompactComboBar shows health and mana and therefore is useless most of the time cuz health cant be seen on enemies on this server. I found NugComboBar and it's pretty good. Almost as good or even better than having CP attached to the enemy nameplate. And it looks cool too.