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  1. Claw of Chrommy please ;_;
  2. perma

    Definitive Warlock Guide

    Is there a "cap" on how many SM/Ruin or any Warlocks who are allowed to put corruption for their targets? I heard corruption kicks each other all the time when other classes are able to do their debuffs as well
  3. Gloves of Hypnotic flame i believe has disappeared from the server with no trace, i had one in my bank prior to shutdown (It was my first epic so i should remember) and now it's gone from the database. For the Flaming Band i don't think any kind of spell damage bonus are available, only stats relevant for casters (spirit/intellect/mp5 and stam)
  4. perma

    My Account stolen,help me GM

    On another note, how long does it take for a ban appeal to be processed? It has been more than 24 hours since the GM replied to my thread.
  5. perma

    Thorium Widgets

    Hi Darrowshire, selling cheap Thorium Widgets for general engineering purpose or Darkmoon Faire tickets for 6g/stack. PST me here in forums or send me mail in game horde side Permafear/Fabricate. PS: Also offering affordable Warlock mount quest!