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  1. Dekoos

    Soloing Trib

    You probably want some BWL gear for safety, check this reddit thread for more info, I wrote a lot of stuff in the comments regarding requirements etc.
  2. Up ! On est repassés avec succès à 3 soirs de raid par semaine, et le progress Naxx se passe plutôt bien : on passe à 8/15 cette semaine avec les down de Patchwerk, Grobbulus et Gluth. Si vous voulez revivre Naxxramas dans un environnement francophone et dans un futur pas trop lointain, c'est chez Nightcall, côté horde sur Anathema que ça se passe ! Edit : Thaddius down, 9/15 ce mercredi !
  3. Dekoos

    Soloing Trib

    I don't think there is any alternative method to solo him - the only way to do so was kiting him as a hunter, but with the Teleport spell added to King Gordok, it's not doable anymore. However you can easily duo him with several combos as mentionned above, including warrior+priest (invis pots), druid+rogue or even rogue+rogue (and probably also resto druid + feral druid but I didn't try that one).
  4. Dekoos

    Questions about AFKing

    Back on Nostalrius I got the same problem, and found out that I was not getting disconnected due to being AFK, but because Auctioneer was using too much memory. I got it fixed by increasing the memory cap allocated to addons (top right corner of your addon list, for example I'm using 256 MB).
  5. Dekoos

    auctioneer alternative?

    Aux maybe ? https://github.com/shirsig/aux-addon
  6. Dekoos

    [Addon] SmartDebuffCheck

    Indeed, I already thought about that, I just didn't take the time to look into GUIs yet so I chose the "easy" way, i.e. using simple textual outputs. Now if using debuff icons, it would be nice to have periodic queries sent automatically by the addon in order to have those icons evolving smoothly throughout the fight. Or maybe having that as an option, and the interval between queries as a parameter. Anyway, I'll see what I can do, at least if I manage to find the time and the motivation. If anyone is willing to help though, don't hesitate to fork the repository and implement it yourself :p
  7. Hey guys! I have been working on an addon for a few weeks, and although I've rather developed it for my personal use in the beginning, I thought some people might be interested, so here it is. Note that it's my first addon and more generally the first time i'm coding in Lua, and note that the addon is still under development, even if the current version should be stable and quite complete. SmartDebuffCheck is a simple addon to check if your target has the proper debuffs applied. It's "smart" in the way it can take into consideration the raid composition and the current environment of the player (instance name & boss targeted) in order to decide by itself which debuffs should or should not be applied to the target. The addon is delivered ready to use, but it's also highly customisable since different guilds might optimize their debuffs in different ways. For a list of all the commands available, type /sdchelp. To display your current settings, type /sdc settings. Among others, you can choose in which channel you want to display the missing debuffs, you can toggle the display of most of the debuffs like Faerie Fire, Shadow Weaving or Nightfall, and you can even personalize your mage and warlock debuffs. The in-game command to display missing debuffs on your target is /sdc, which default effect is illustrated on the screenshot at the top of this post. Here is another example of output of the /sdc command with all the debuffs currently supported enabled (via /sdc all), and displayed on the private "yellow chat" (via /sdc yellow). Note that the (0) after the name of the target represents the number of debuffs currently applied on the target, excluding Deep Wounds and Fireball which are the most common lowest priority debuffs. And here is a more concrete case: using the command in the beginning of the Phase 1 on C'Thun allows you to quickly figure out which debuffs are missing. For example, here you can remind your warriors that they still didn't stack 5 Sunder Armor, your warlocks that one curse is still missing, and your druids that they forgot to apply Faerie Fire. The command also shows that although it seems like all the debuff slots are currently used, 5 of them are low-priority debuffs that could be replaced by more important ones. Using /sdc later on would allow you to make sure that no debuffs are missing, and to check that no debuffs have faded so far. It's also useful to use it right before the transition to the Weakened Phase to make sure everything will be optimal for the next 45 seconds. The source code and a download link together with simple installation instructions are available on the Github page of the addon. If you have questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact me here or in-game (Dekos, horde-side on Anathema).
  8. Pas que je sache, aux dernières nouvelles il n'y avait que <Renaissance> et ils ont disband il y a plusieurs mois :( <Nightcall> sera donc la seule guilde francophone sur Anathema à mettre les pieds dans Naxxramas (release le 16 septembre), et on est plus prêts que jamais ! ou pas... :p
  9. Up ! La guilde se porte toujours très bien, le progress AQ40 est terminé depuis un bon moment, on arrive désormais à clear AQ40 en un soir et BWL+MC le deuxième soir, et on travaille actuellement à améliorer nos temps de clear afin de parvenir à condenser AQ40 et BWL sur le même soir afin de libérer 2 autres soirs de raid pour le progress Naxx. Si vous voulez avoir une chance de voir Naxxramas en 2017 dans un environnement francophone, n'attendez plus : rejoignez Nightcall ! En attendant, petite vidéo filmée il y a quelques semaines...
  10. Dekoos

    2 man DMN - Tribute farm (video inside)

    New successful experiment : farming DM tribute with 2 rogues, no healer! It also took us some time to get it working perfectly, but yesterday we managed to chain 15 runs in 3 hours so in the end, it's a very good farm too, around 90 gold/hr since we need to use 1 FAP per run on the tank rogue to guarantee a safe kill. I recorded a short video showing the fight against King Gordok for those who would like to see how it works:
  11. Up, on recherche toujours de tout, et prioritairement Rsham, Rdruid et hunter (plus d'infos sur notre forum). C'thun down en 98 minutes ce soir !
  12. C'thun oneshot 3 weeks in a row - 1% hp after first Weakened Phase this week ! On recherche toujours plus de joueurs francophones pour continuer l'aventure vers Naxxramas.
  13. Quelques problèmes de roster récemment, mais on est finalement parvenus à réunir un raid 40 cette semaine pour faire de vrais try sur C'thun, et c'était assez concluant ce soir : 35% HP après la première Weakened Phase sur notre meilleur try, avec malheureusement un wipe juste avant la seconde phase. Il est toujours temps de rejoindre Nightcall, le dernier mur francophone sur Anathema !
  14. Dekoos

    2 man DMN - Tribute farm (video inside)

    Now replace the warrior by a rogue, the priest by a druid, the invis pots by stealth, skip everything and get an even faster and more profitable run ! The price of mana pots dropped a lot since the first video, but stealth runs allow you to get the 5 resets lock pretty easily if you don't fail, so you can still reach the 100g/hr with these runs. I would never have thought of running this without Euronymous's video, so I thought I would share mine too :)