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  1. Klaas

    Alliance class shortage

    Horde needs you... perhaps.
  2. There are several items in the bugtracker about it, since months. posted in bugtracker first, before posting here.
  3. Klaas

    Auction House - Alliance

    Cooldown items for example mooncloth, herbs used for raid consumables, certain cooked fishes.
  4. Level 28 rewards work fine. Fix level 18 rewards please
  5. Shirsig, I cannot verifiy this. I do not have an alliance character with enough reputation. I did see alliance twinks wear the WSG reward 18 necklace through Inspection. But please use this thread to put your own screenshots as proof, I want both alliance and horde side rewards to work properly.
  6. Klaas


    Cannot log in now, page for realmstatus also not available
  7. Klaas

    Lvl 1 Twink Veryfriendly

    Summon perhaps
  8. What can I do to help this get fixed? It seems minor, like data is there, just boolean needs to be set orso.
  9. Klaas

    Searing Gorge / Blackrock Mountain

    Running from wetlands towards kargath in the tunnels with the dwarves same kind of D/C problem
  10. Klaas

    Elune's Disciple (33/11/7 Night Elf Priest)

    Nice Read, I have also seen arcane missles crit, but also bug alot. (in other ways) As far as it should be dots and channels do not crit. I would like to explore a holy option of this build that takes Spiritual guidance and focus on spirit as source of dmg and as manaregen with the 6 sec, spirit tap and Meditation
  11. The level 18 WSG rep rewards neck, ring, cloak are still not available to horde on Darrowshire. How big would the effort be to fix this?
  12. I see, Yes there is the stated rep, this could be for multiple factions. The rep as you see it in the log after you turn in a quest. At some point there was a change that outside of this log message of one or more reps, all linked reps would also be increased by a certain percentage. Is this a mechanism that you recognize?
  13. The neck is not available yet, the four you see are 28,38,48 and 58, if the 18 neck was available at vendro it would not be grayed out (or redout) in the picture as on lvl 19 I would be eligible to wear it. Also you can see the 18 weapons that are not grayed out to me, showing I have high enough rep.. That is my point Horde side rewards neck have to be added and ring. @Scruffy Hi, saw that alliance necklace was available