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  1. qbradq

    War Effort Conerns

    That's what I found in the database. I need to look at the code more carefully. I did create a Cartographer file with ain t ll the herb spawns in Tanaris and found that only a percentage are up at any given time. I don't know what the percentage is. However, when you pick a firebloom, five minutes later another firebloom spawns somewhere in that zone.
  2. qbradq

    War Effort Conerns

    I just like the math. It gave me an excuse to understand the gameobject spawner table in the database. The GET OUT AND FARM bit was facetious.
  3. qbradq

    War Effort Conerns

    Challenge accepted. Elysium has yet to release their static database files, but if we assume they use the ManGOS Zero database at least for Firebloom there are 198 spawners total each on a 5 minute respawn delay. If 1/4 (about 50) of those spawns were farmed as efficiently as possible and turned in it would take 708 hours, or just over four weeks (ending April 9, 2017). SO GET OUT AND FARM
  4. qbradq

    War Effort Conerns

    After looking into the total materials required and the reasoning for it, I do not think I agree with the reasoning. Requiring 70% of the active player base's resource holdings to be handed over for raid content that most of the server's active population is not going to be involved with does not seem to make a lot of sense. Especially when there is no incentive for the average player to hand in most of these goods.
  5. The Princess quest chain in Arathi really stands out to me. The one where you have to kill the demigod at the end. It gives you your first taste of the ancient lore of the game and was the first long quest chain I ran into as an Orc in Vanilla. Other than that I actually like how Westfall is setup. Most of the "unrelated" quests are there to set the mood of poverty and hopelessness brought on by the Defias Brotherhood. The zone culminates in a dungeon instance of the same theme where you get to kill the big baddie of the organization you've learned to hate over the past ten or so levels.
  6. The difference between being dry-looted in UO and being unable to get your corpse back in EQ is that in UO your equipment was very replaceable. The best you might go out with was player-made platemail, and you'd have several suits stockpiled in the bank. In EQ - as in WoW - your equipment makes your character. Imagine dying in WoW and having to get back to your corpse, but alive and naked. Of course you could beg / pay a necromancer to summon your corpse in EQ, but that could be a huge pain in the ass unless you were in a large guild. Death in EQ could take days to recover from if you weren't well connected. In UO it could take at most an hour or two unless you did something foolish like walk out of town carrying all of your possessions.
  7. Yea, I think we're saying the same thing just using different words :) I tend to have that problem a lot. I'm saying that folks tend to remember "retail vanilla" as "just before TBC", not what we have now. It's comparing apples to other, more different apples.
  8. qbradq

    Complete list of Dungeon + Raiding Guides

    Thank you so much! I've been looking for resources like this and was unable to find them. My Google-Fu is weak :(
  9. I agree that inflation is typically a bad thing. However I think this is one reason for the perception that money is harder to come by on Elysium than it was in retail vanilla. Retail was more inflated. I remember as a miner I would make circuits of starting zones mining copper because it sold on the AH for 1g per ore at one point just before TBC launched. It was certainly a lot easier to get 90g together for a mount at that time.
  10. The big difference between Elysium and retail Vanilla is the economy. Back in retail most folks were not running gathering skills. You could easily sell minerals, herbs, and skins for a very good profit on the AH and there was very little competition - at least at the lower levels. On Elysium the markets are flooded. The only thing that keeps minerals and herbs above the vendor price on the AH is their spawn frequency. Most materials from Skinning auction for barely above their vendor sell price. Another factor is that the economies here have not had enough time to inflate. As you get more level 60's pulling more gold into the economy through coin and grey drops there is more money for them to spend on things like copper ingots to train engineering. Then it gets easier for you to afford your training and mount.
  11. qbradq

    Big thanks to the GM's

    I agree! Every time I've had to file a ticket it's been addressed very quickly, and accurately. Great job folks!
  12. qbradq

    I wasn't hacked

    I had to learn the hard way. Lucky for me it was an online retail site that had an expired card saved. Taught me a valuable lesson though.
  13. qbradq

    The future of Legacy, starts now!

    I'm guessing this was intended to be humorous? In case anyone was confused by this, the SHA1 bruteforce attack for a known hash and a password length of 8 costs about ten US cents on average if you rent time on Amazon's EC2/P2 GPU computing instances. No collision attack necessary. This cost can be drastically lowered by using your own hardware or subletting idle cycles. This is why most major companies have switched to using SHA2 since last July.