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  1. around 3:50AM servertime several horde were exploiting a bug in darkshire to avoid guards and opposition this was a bannable exploit in retail vanilla as shown in the link below http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Camp "There has been some confusion in regards to whether or not the act of "rooftop camping", or killing players while using geometry to avoid the town guards, is allowed. We will no longer condone this act in game. Players who participate in this method of PvP will be given a warning and educated on this new policy, and further action will be taken as circumstances warrant. We wish to provide a fair playing field to our customers, and this abuse of game mechanics has been hampering that effort." those involved: blindshot Dottorius Sharphealz Macklife Rastatroll Bobafat To clarify, i enjoy world pvp, and dont care if i get ganked by someone higher than me. but when bugs are exploited to give one player an unfair advantage, i get annoyed
  2. hashtagfeels

    Addon Request

    thanks somuch
  3. hashtagfeels

    Addon Request

    Hi guys, im looking for an addon which estimates your ranking progress by your current honor. is there such an addon around?
  4. hashtagfeels

    Honor bug

    Lost honor again
  5. hashtagfeels

    Trouble Connecting to Elysium (server)

    says it is online on the website, did this last time too. whats wrong with the website?
  6. hashtagfeels

    Honor bug

    Seems serverwide, is there an official response from a dev anywhere?
  7. hashtagfeels

    Can someone craft nightfall?

    do you know what patch?
  8. hashtagfeels

    Can someone craft nightfall?

    Hi, i was wondering if there's anyone on the server who can craft nightfall? http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=19169
  9. hashtagfeels

    lookin for vanilla addons

    hey guys, havent really played vanilla since retail, theres a few addons which i am looking which i know the function, but i am not sure of the name. they are as follows: an addon that calculates your lvling rate and how many kills to reach your next level an addon which calculates how much hp your enemy has based on damage dealt to it (values, not percentages) an addon that shows on-screen important events in big letters for things like 5 combo points, shadowfall proc, overpower available etc an addon that tracks how many of a particular item you have, say you are farming essence of life, it displays how many you have collected sofar thanks in advance
  10. hashtagfeels


    its a ban appeal, says he was wrongfully banned and his english is not good and please check the records again carefully
  11. hashtagfeels

    Think I'm still logged in...

    its automatic every time you try to log in.. they're just having trouble with the elysium server at the moment
  12. hashtagfeels

    Disconnecting every time i die

    its even worse than before the restarts which were designed to fix it
  13. hashtagfeels

    Oily Blackmouth?

    Hi guys, just wondering whats up with oily blackmouth. I remember in vanilla i used to be able to fish it from darkshore maybe 1 out of 15 fish but i just spent an hour in darkshore to no avail also tried wetlands, got a few firefin snapper but still no blackmouth
  14. hashtagfeels

    Account Muted?

    it's just fixed itself. does this happen often?
  15. hashtagfeels

    Account Muted?

    I started advertising for a stockades group in /trade and /world and /whisper and suddenly i cant whisper or speak in trade or world is there a known issue about this?