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  1. thanks guys i will give those a try :)
  2. So I play on a mac (if it matters). When ever i use pounce on a minion i get a popup in a separate window that takes me out of wow asking for an error report frankly i dont think blizz would send me a nice letter if i asked them for help so here i am. When ever this window pops up the game client never crashes . it just keeps on running fine but swapping to another window for 5 sec can cause some issues in pvp. Basically is there something i can delete in a folder somewhere or some setting i can select to suppress these error popups . (a solution to the why they happen would be sweet too ) Thanks :) I can include a imgur link of one of the errors if u like.
  3. bend

    Needs more Claws - How to Cat

    Can you post screenies of your dps meters with and without the shiny weapons ? would be interested to see your numbers.
  4. bend

    Ret Paladins CAN DPS!

    "Min-Max" , "Fun specs" <insert "por que no los dos" taco girl> What would min-maxed fun specs look like ? What debuff slots would you use to maximize your fun specs ? Just my idea of a -+'d fun spec group: Furry warrior - brings battle shouts and dps -benefits from Druid Aura Feral dps Druid - Brings Aura - benefits from battle shout and judgment of wisdom ? Ret Pally - Brings Utility and swings nightfall for raid, and judgment of wisdom -benefits from shouts , and druid Aura ....... what else fits in group ? What would a Smite Priest group look like ? (luls)
  5. So my goal was to create a spec with the sole goal of outputting the most healing possible in the least amount of time. Here is what I have come up with so far. http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#0zjLIM0oZZVAcocVV . Basically spam Regrowth with the spec at a 1.5 cast speed due to natures grace and swap targets so you get the full heal. ( ATV would be ideal BG for this ). Any Ideas to increase healing further through talents ? General Comments ? I plan to be very good friends with mages to get lots of water.