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  1. Fizzlestix

    Elysium Q & A Weekly Answers! / 06.04.2017

    Thanks for the QA and the great work in general! (to the "dad server" crowd: some people genuinely enjoy ZK for what it is: a server with a smaller, more involved community)
  2. Fizzlestix

    Shenna's Resignation

    Sad to see you leave. But completely understandable given all the shit that was thrown your way. Thanks for everything you have done for the project and the scene in general. May your future be bright and happy :)
  3. Ho there, I was looking for some insights into the inner secrets of Hunter PvP. Seeing how it's one of the more technical classes to play due to the innate weakness of having a dead zone, I thought it might be helpful to share the tricks of the trade that allow you to keep those pesky enemies out of your comfort zone off of you. So here's my list of hopefully useful tips for playing a Hunter in PvP (from the perspective of a level 54 Troll Hunter specced into Beast Mastery 31 and Marksman 14). Priests and Warlocks can just be bursted down with Bestial Wrath because they lack gap closers/non-fear CC Most of the time it's safe to use Aspect of the Cheetah to kite Warriors because they rarely ever think of using their ranged weapon to daze you Once Paladins have used their ranged stun, they can be kited quite easily as well Useful abilities to control a fight are: Feign Death + Freeze Trap, Wing Clip, Gnomish Net Projector and to a lesser extent Intimidate and Engineering grenades Feign Death makes the opponent lose you as a target thus cancelling any ongoing spells Feign Death also makes pets unable to attack you allowing you to wait out opposing Bestial Wraths and to send pets back to their owner buying you some time Against Hunters, it's imo best to react to the given situation: if he pops Bestial Wrath, Feign Death to wait it out. If he Feigns Death, then either nuke him down if he's low enough, or Feign Death as well until he comes back to life or his Bestial Wrath runs out Against Mages I think it's best to just try to burst them down. They can CC your pet if you don't Bestial Wrath and they can wait out Bestial Wrath with Ice Block if you do use it, so I think it's best to just try to burst them down and to hope that it's enough Macros that I found useful: Feign Death + Freeze Trap, switching between Aspect of the Hawk and the Cheetah with a single button That's all I got for know. Feel free to share your insights into Hunter PvP! :)
  4. Fizzlestix

    Gnomisch or Goblin?

    Eventually I settled on Gnomish, thinking that the grenades are a bit too restrictive for my taste what with their limited range, the travel time of the projectile and their rather small-ish AoE (and I can always just use regular grenades anyway). So far I have tested the Mind Control Cap, the Death Ray and the Net Projector. MC Cap: useless as Hunter? It takes up an item slot, you need to dismiss your pet beforehand and once you MC'ed someone you can't even walk him down cliffs because you can only issue him pet commands. Not sure where this is useful. Death Ray: seems very solid. The channeling time is kinda long, but it's a nice way to burst down enemies who managed to get into your dead zone. Net Projector: so far the MVP. I have yet to net myself and if you use it on targets in Freeze Trap you can even make up for that little risk. Otherwise it's almost like a 10s stun. The trinket that I always have equipped.
  5. Fizzlestix

    4+ Days.

    Good. Please leave. Less whiny children and more people who actually care about the project. Less drama too. Everybody wins =)
  6. Fizzlestix

    Which realm?

    Start on Zeth'kur, if you don't have anything against playing on a PvP server. It's a regular PvP server (no RP-PvP). If you like simplified generalizations, then Zeth'kur is filled with laid-back, mature players, whereas Elysium is overflowing with autistic 16-year-old internet kiddies*. *Based on my experience after leveling two chars on Elysium up to 20, before switching over to Zeth'kur
  7. Fizzlestix

    The future of Legacy, starts now!

    Good job. Open Source is the way to go
  8. Fizzlestix

    We're playing on elysium

    Well argued, Sir. I see your nothing and raise you nothing. You are like Don Quichotte, fighting against enemies that only exist in your own head. But,.. whatever,.. if it makes you happy, go on. I can only hope that the folks who run this server won't run out of reasons to put up with the childish crap people like you throw at them. Lords knows, I wouldn't bother. Sometimes I wonder who those people are who feel like they can decide what responsibilities other people have and have not. I wonder how you would react if someone came up to you and told you what to do with your spare time. Something tells me that you wouldn't react the way you expect the devs to react.
  9. Fizzlestix

    We're playing on elysium

    But that is exactly what you do. No one needs you to set anything straight. We can all think for ourselves. Even the devs can think for themselves. And you "setting them straight" will do absolutely nothing to change their views or their behaviour. Because just like you, they are perfectly capable of autonomous thought. The world isn't there to live up to your standards, no matter how much you are convinced of them being the only truth.
  10. Fizzlestix

    We're playing on elysium

    Please, use some common sense. I'm not referring to the community as a whole. 99% of the community don't give a damn about the forums or the drama on here. They are happy as long as they can log-in and as long as their in-game experience is sound. As so often, it's the vocal minority that is driving the nails into the coffin. As said by many people before, the influence you have over the acts of the dev team are virtually zero. If they want to run this server as a money-making scheme then you won't be able to stop them. If they want to run the server in good faith then – again – you won't be able to stop them. All you can do is tag along for the ride. If you don't like it, leave it. But stop pissing over something that you have zero control over and which other people are still enjoying. No one asked you to play here, so if you think it's such a terrible server, then leave. Do yourself a favour and don't waste your precious time with it. But ALSO do the rest of the community a favour and don't destroy something that has the chance to be great. Or in short: stop acting as if you were the centre of the universe.
  11. Fizzlestix

    We're playing on elysium

    You are part of the problem, not the solution. Going onto the official forums and crying Bloody Murder every other day does not help anyone. I know that you are doing this because you think it's for the good of the project, but it's not. You're just creating a toxic atmosphere which will turn away players who would have otherwise been happily playing (because in-game you don't feel any of the drama from on here) or make the admin staff less and less motivated to invest their time and effort into the project. Think about it from another perspective. Let's assume that everything you cry about is true. Who benefits from your constant drama? The devs? If everything you say is true, then they are part of the problem and you telling them the problem is no news to them. If they're corrupt, then they don't care if you constantly foretell the doom of the server. The only thing you'll accomplish it to drive away the players who still believe in the project. If they aren't corrupt, then you're just creating fake drama which will also drive away players. Now if (and that is probably the most likely case) there are some bad apples in the dev team, then your constant whining will still not achieve anything. Because the decent folks from the dev team will always know more than you do because unlike you they are on the inside. And if they don't decide to act on whatever dramatized speculations you throw at them, then it's either because they know that those are just made-up stories or because they already did act on them but decided not to share that with the public. The bottom line is: your influence as a player on this realm is very little. You can't force the hand of the developers in either way. If they want to run the server in a shady way, your constant laments won't stop them. If they are decent folks who want nothing but the best for the server and their players, your constant laments - again - won't change anything about that either. In the end, all you can do is trust them to work to the best of their moral and technical capabilities. At no point do your conspiracy postings help that process. All you are doing is set fire to the house you're so eagerly trying to save. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.
  12. Fizzlestix

    Elysium Project: Moving Forward!

    Great news! Thanks for not giving up on this project! I know there are many who greatly appreciate what you are doing!
  13. Fizzlestix

    Lupos Taming Guide - (Elysium Only)

    On this topic: Had a SM run yesterday on my level 36 Hunter with Lupos. Damage Meter after Graveyard, Library and Armory was: 90k Rogue, 80k me, 80k Lupos. Dunno what add-on was used, but it certainly seemed to keep track of Lupos' damage. And I didn't even bother using Hunter's Mark or any abilities outside of Arcane Shot/Sting :O
  14. Fizzlestix

    PvP Huntard?

    Funny, I have the exact opposite opinion on Paladins. My PvP experiences are limited to open world PvP up to level 40, but Paladins have usually been pushovers. Outside of their stun they don't have any ranged damage/CC/gap closer to keep you from kiting them, so all they really do is heal themselves until they're oom and then they die. Classes that can easily CC your pet are troublesome, given how much of the Hunter's DPS (at least if BM specced) relies on the pet. But a Feign Death + Ice Trap macro give Hunters usually a good fighting chance against every melee class and a bit of kiting (or the 31 point BM talent) make them competitive in any ranged duel. It takes a bit of practice and timing to get good at overcoming the initial assault of your opponent. Once the fight is under control at range, it feels as if Hunters have all the tools to keep it under control (increased movement speed, ranged slow, ranged damage, stealth detection, DoTs, etc.), but to overcome the first gap closer (Intercept, ranged stun, Blink, etc.) takes a bit of practice because you need to react correctly and quickly or you just die.
  15. Fizzlestix

    Gnomisch or Goblin?

    Hey there, just wanted to ask for your opinion on what to pick. I'm a Hunter going for PvP. Is there a recommended specialisation? Do I even have to decide or can I just go vanilla Engineering up to 300 and decide later?