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    Every addon enabling when I log in

    Lol... I think he is trying to give you a hint/nudge that maybe having your folder there is the cause of the problem, aka not having the write file permission to save off the enabled addons.
  2. Yeah, I get that message on the control panel as well and it doesn't list any characters; try actually logging into the game with that account and check if the characters exist.
  3. Shmigy429


    Yeah you're right, wasn't thinking that one through; was thinking of the AH as a black hole for money but most of it goes to the seller.
  4. Shmigy429


    Seems like a pretty solid gold sink to me, which is actually healthy for the economy and not inflation...
  5. Shmigy429

    The Zeth'Kur problem

    Informative and hilarious, I like your style.
  6. What level are you, were you ever able to chat in General at any point?
  7. I'll check out the update tonight, looks like a pretty straightforward fix; I found you can switch to a channel that doesn't display system messages but where's the fun in that :p
  8. Fantastic addon, just what I was looking for; one thing though. I have a Macro set up for my hunter: /mtts Raptor Strike /cast Mongoose Bite /cast Raptor Strike So it casts Mongoose Bite/Raptor Strike accordingly and the tooltip lists Raptor Strike with all the TheoryCraft info which is really all I wanted, when I get in melee range I just mash it a couple time to start up my Auto Attack and each press brings up the yellow 'use the /help command' system text and floods the general window. The '/mtts Raptor Strike' part is causing this message spam, can it be removed?
  9. Shmigy429

    Shift loot quest items

    Bug Description on GitHub, it's being looked into; pretty annoying bug I must admit. I get weird looting with Disenchanting windows, clams, interactable objects not sure if they are all related.
  10. Shmigy429

    all of my characters have been deleted

    Don't get what? Your account was logged into from multiple IP addresses, suggesting that the accounts security had been compromised and 2FA was not enabled; seems like a pretty straightforward case to me.
  11. Shmigy429

    DPSMate - A combat analyzation tool

    Have any of your recent fixes helped with the data collection slow downs? Another question, are the data collection sets shared? (For example) : Full raid data set collected on my Mage, don't clear on logout, switch to Hunter and start grinding away; seems like I get some lag here until I reset the data on my hunter.
  12. Shmigy429

    unable to reset dungons

    Did you reset the instance 5 times in succession, there is an instance # vs. time limit cap.
  13. Shmigy429

    hunter track hidden

    Have never had track hidden work like the other track spells for me on Anathema. I had a similar experience and had to aggro the stealthed cats in STV; even worse in Dustwallow Marsh Theramore Infiltrators, as they are not hostile, I had on track hidden and spammed flare to get Theramore Spies done.