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  1. Archanelion

    Realm DC

    I play, and its always disconnecting me. Now if i want to join again, its DC again.
  2. Archanelion

    Kanye using some Game Master hack!

    he summons you to death, lieing to you that you will get free golds :) he trolls the low lvls by this, if someone eats it.
  3. Archanelion

    Kanye using some Game Master hack!

    Everyones hate you in this community, i hope you know it :) just like elfkingbrad too! You make the world chat to dirty by you. All againts you :) have a great ban, bb
  4. Archanelion

    Kanye using some Game Master hack!

    I see you are afraid, really wants to act like you are are victim :) but the truth that is there, you using some hacks to get GM rights, so you can easily devoice others! Even talking lies on world chat always, scamming each others to summon to teldrassil, to get free golds. You are nothing better than a gold seller! I hope you will get banned as soon as possible.
  5. At Anathema realm, Kanye, and Elfkingbrad trolls / spams the world chat on the alliance side, for people, giving "free gold, by summoning them to teldrassil". First it was seems like a joke, so i joked them too. I mocked his text, and spam him in chat. He told me, next time i spam, he will ban me. I tought he jokes, but not. He TRULY banned me, cant talk in the game, only in my guild chat. HE is a hacker, or a trolling GM?