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  1. Beetroot

    [AddOn] aux and more

    Hey, I personally haven't seen Real time search work in quite some time, I remember you said there isn't much you can do about it since it has something to do with the servers, but I'm still wondering if maybe something has changed and this feature might work again? Thanks!
  2. Beetroot

    Blizzlike be Blizzlike

    You are on the wrong server is you want "blizz-like", better get used to it.
  3. Beetroot

    is there a complete stunlock guide out there?

    I feel like the time it takes to get out of combat is longer here for some reason. So you can't imp gouge > restealth in time, there is like half a second after the gouge expires before you run out of combat. Makes it more annoying to pull of these perfect stunlocks.
  4. How is that ironic? It's the standard here, just like any of the random "unblizzlike" (just for the sake of the argument" changes you guys make. He just picked one random aspect that bothers him, just like you pick one random element which you choose to change. Ironic, isn't it?
  5. Beetroot

    Zeth'Kur rankers screwed

    With all the people that left there was no lag anymore. Thank god this merge changed that!
  6. Beetroot

    Zeth'Kur rankers screwed

    You got the rank on ZK which is a different server. Prove you can get it again on Elysium. Oh and thanks for the lag btw, hope you enjoy your stay.
  7. Beetroot

    Upcoming PvP Update

    Since you are already deep into these changes, why not introduce race change. Make it officially unofficial, don't present it anywhere but if someone asks privately, then sure! I mean why not? It's not like you follow any road with these changes, it's pretty much random.
  8. Beetroot

    Is elysium blizzlike

    Just be prepared to encounter custom tweaks made by the devs which usually have very weak reasoning behind it, and a little rule bend here and there with a pinch of bias. Other than that, it's a great server with pretty cool staff. If you are looking for vanilla experiance, you will probably find it here.
  9. I believe I got banned for using only the autobuy feature since I never used anti AFK/idle.
  10. Beetroot

    Hardware, servers, and funds

    Race change for 20eur? Everyone walks out happy.
  11. Beetroot

    WTB Persuader

    Ah ok, thank you.
  12. Beetroot

    WTB Persuader

    Anyone can craft Persuader?
  13. Beetroot

    Hello Mafia, Good Bye Mafia.

    Can I has Teebu's? I'll become your dedicated casual friend too.
  14. Beetroot

    Buff Ironfoe's proc

    Everything is a hunter weapon.
  15. Beetroot

    WTB Teebus

    3k is enuff mkay?