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  1. Could you please, allow Anathema players to move to Elysium, delete all AQ gear from characters and call it a day. Anathema is dead and everyone knows that, let us play 1.12 with people instead of ghosts. Please.
  2. chase_le_mofo

    A Guide to Paladin Tanking (3/13/2006) - By Krynn

    Sure pal, would you like an innervate perhaps? Paladin tanks are shit for raids, deal with it. TBC is where they shine, vanilla stick with 5m raids or if you have really good guild that will sacrifice some REAL TANK GEAR to give it so you can "follow your lunatic dreams" Sorry for being harsh, but some people don't understand it otherwise. Go play TBC if you want to tank as paladin, Vanilla is not for you.
  3. chase_le_mofo

    A Guide to Paladin Tanking (3/13/2006) - By Krynn

    Sad but truth. Due to lack of defense on your gear paladin tank is not viable, no defensive cooldowns, boss will literally shit on you when you need to pop cooldowns. Pala tanks are awesome for 5m instances, same with feral druids (which are better only cos of taunt) but yeah that's about it. Enjoy 5m tanking, leave raids to real tanks since after all you don't even have taunt. It's fun little project to do, but you'll realize it's a gold sink that never ends and never gets "good" compared to holy. Welcome to vanilla boys.
  4. Current state of Skeram in AQ40 is hilarious, terrible and well should be tuned ASAP to allow other guilds to progress in AQ40 and here's why: 1) Boss can cast 2 mind controls at the same time on one platform -> bug, only one mind control can be casted 2) Mind control cannot be avoided on tanks if dps stay in front of the boss -> bug, this is the tactics and it's not working 3) Skeram movement is terrible, even tho there's a tank on him, he will cast earthshocks on random targets if you try to move him -> buggy af 4) Arcane explosion is being casted even tho if there's 3 people on platform with him, instead of 4 5) Way too often all 2 illusions and the boss are on the same platform, yeah that can happen but not at this rate........ Please, some focus here. It's the first encounter in AQ40 and it's really buggy as hell.
  5. chase_le_mofo

    PvE Shadow Priest Basics

    12 years and still bad? damn son
  6. chase_le_mofo

    Tune AQ40 same as you did with BWL/MC

    oh god again his bullshit with prot paladins in vanilla.......... just reading at these comments makes me wanna block you, cos you write nonsense all the time.
  7. chase_le_mofo

    PvE Shadow Priest Basics

    99% of guides for shadow priests are done by people who didn't do more than leveling as shadow, this one ain't exception.
  8. chase_le_mofo

    Black lotus changes

    who cares mages gonna abuse BWL trinket to get it anyway
  9. chase_le_mofo

    Anathema War Effort Complete!

    Good luck, you gonna need it son.
  10. chase_le_mofo

    Gold spammers

    What stops them from being in major cities instead of GM isle? They are invisible to other players anyway It's just a suggestion, there is always room for improvement and everyone knows that.
  11. chase_le_mofo

    Gold spammers

    Few suggestions how to make this server a better place: 1) You need level 40 to join world channel 2) You need level 20 to whispers players 3) You need to activate google authenticator before talking to players 4) Place one GM in every major sity to avoid spam like this 5) Can GM's join WORLD channel, so much spam from gold spammers 6) Visit starting zones where you get whispered 10 times every minute by gold spammer (do something about it) I report people on daily basis but this spam in major cities, come on just stay there invis and ban them on sight............... This is giving such a poor image of vanilla servers to new players, to players that play the game now...just terrible.............
  12. chase_le_mofo

    Mind Quickening Gem, AV and you

    Do you even read? Patch 3.0.3 Patch 3.0.3 Patch 3.0.3 Patch 3.0.3 Patch 3.0.3 Patch 3.0.3 No haste items in vanilla only raw "percentage boost" on spells and melee attacks nothing else.
  13. Find the difference: So current state of AV be like: 10 mages enters AV, all with MQG trinket equiped, rushing to mid chasing brac rotus. After looting it, /afk leave AV and wait for next one. Any chance for this to be fixed, but not soon™ it can't be hard it's just one line of code where you change it to affect only spells from spellbook not every god damn thing including fast campfire
  14. chase_le_mofo

    Development Update 05.04.2017

    Trade windows should no longer require spam clicking trade Trade windows should no longer require spam clicking trade Trade windows should no longer require spam clicking trade oh god this
  15. chase_le_mofo

    A Great Step For Mutual Development

    Welcome aboard