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  1. faellendir

    Instant 60 option pls

    It's about the journey, not the destination. That what makes this game great!
  2. Thank you for the new masturbation material. Have a great weekend
  3. we demand a pic of you now.. Just be kind to everyone :)
  4. faellendir

    How to choose a caster class?

    I guess you're right. I didnt really answered his question regarding ratio. my badddd
  5. faellendir

    How to choose a caster class?

    Play each class till lvl 10 ( takes only a couple of hours) and then decide :)
  6. Can i donate with ingame currency?
  7. faellendir

    People still play here?

    I play here cause its the only decent mmo my laptop can run (im currently abroad for 5 months)
  8. Horde do the same thing :)
  9. congrats on your 1000th post. And I agree! :)
  10. faellendir

    Forum reputation....

    jeez don't say the N word out loud man
  11. faellendir

    Rofl @ 29 Ally Twinks...

    Isn't that the beauty of the game? You can do whatever you want? :) If you decide to pvp at level 29, why not ?
  12. faellendir

    Gold spam has increased

    I hardly have a decent conversation with one of those gold sellers. They rarely talk back :(
  13. faellendir

    Constant 500-5000 latency.

    I also experience this. But this might me because I live in indonesia.