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  1. firedrop

    "In Dreams" hasnt worked for me THREE TIMES NOW

    i'd say like 60-75% of them completed, certainly some other people having issues doing it too
  2. I've spent at least 4 hours doing this quest "in dreams" between getting my scarlet crusade disguise dispelled/polymorphed away, waiting for 50 other people to do the quest, and the quest bugging out on me 3 times. I've got to the end 3 times, where talean dies to isilien. THREE TIMES NOW has tirion fordring not spawned. I refuse to do this fucking quest any longer but need ornate adamantium breastplate to tank. can a GM help me? please char name Firedrop lvl60 Orc Warrior Elysium
  3. firedrop

    Can warriors DPS?

    Warriors start doing good dps around lvl40 when they unlock sweeping strikes and whirlwind. Warriors also deal top dps at lvl60 in raids.
  4. firedrop

    How to know when to upgrade from your WW axe

    use WW axe until you get executioner's cleaver(preferred), stoneslayer, or the other mace that drops in uldaman
  5. firedrop

    Fury Warrior BIS?

    thunderfury + felstriker GG
  6. firedrop

    Teebu's Blazing Longsword

    it can be farmed. http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=1728 list of mobs that drop it. Thuzadin Necromancer59 - 61 Elite Stratholme it also drops off a few mobs in UBRS