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    Just came back... problem

    Welcome back! There's no transfer mechanic, and our lord and savior Studman worked hard to make the single-shot transfer work. As stated during the migration, anyone that misses the boat gets auto-transferred without appeal. anyone that "accidentally picks the wrong server" gets transferred without appeal. It's not because the world hates you (though they probably do) it's not because the servers are dumb, or that warlocks are stupid. it's not because your mom didn't make you eggrolls for dinner. it's because there is no transfer mechanic. during the shutdown and migration DAYS worth of effort went in to move people with a handful of scripts, and in some cases manually from database to database. there's nothing to be done now but reroll, play what you have or quit. =) Good luck, whatever option you choose!
  2. Naeras

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    Posting in a _Quality_ thread.
  3. OP _Says_ the guards path up to the roof. my experience says that there are few places, if any where guards can get onto a roof. also in my experience, specifically the roofs in darkshire? are unreachable by the guards. Your perspective that i'm trying to win people to "my side" is not relevant. I'm stating a fact, not making an impassioned argument to prove a point of contention. Love you cupcake. edit for: And in fact, i just wandered over to darkshire and tested it. the guards are completely not blizlike, and teleport up through the floor onto the roof of the easy jump by the flightpath. so in this case i'm wrong. RIP my feels. still love you cupcake!
  4. =) on the roof in darkshire, the guards cannot reach you. by being on the roof in darkshire, where the guards cannot reach you? you are safespotting. this is against the rules here sir or madam. despite any desire you may feel for it to be otherwise.
  5. Standing on a roof in town killing people? is Literally in the definition of safe spotting. If the guards can't get to you? you're safe spotting.
  6. Yes, it'd take an Enormous initial translation effort though, and long term support because every addition or change, every new script, every update, someone would have to go through the same process with. we've both actually talked to staden about it, who said the project would probably respectfully decline to do so even if a hero stepped forward to do the work. given the long term support requirements.
  7. what he means is, that the localization data isn't in the database. so when the client says "give me the korean data" the server probably returns an empty string. translating the entire database to add a language is huge and complicated and not a one time effort, so it requires ongoing support. they really need to find a couple korean nerds (i know you guys exist!) and get them involved in the project long term..
  8. Naeras

    Hardware, servers, and funds

    it's been discussed. Staden - Today at 3:04 PM Here's the explanation: MySQL failed and the core kept running, essentially meaning it wasn't saving the data to the database. It crashed, eventually, but not until a significant chunk of data had been 'lost'. This is a flaw in MaNGOS that can affect any private server you play on. We've been working to solve it and we've been preparing an announcement on infrastructure changes that we're hoping will allow us to prevent this sort of incident. More on that later, when the announcement is ready. Yes, it sucks, no, we didn't roll it back intentionally. It's an unfortunate series of events and a nasty issue with the core.
  9. For Community building, do monthly events (level 1 gnome race anyone?) with extremely limited amounts of TCG loot as the reward. =)
  10. Naeras

    Still 8 Debuff Slots

    please don't post on the bugtracker. instead create an issue on github. ( https://github.com/elysium-project/ )
  11. melee and spell both appear to be 2+ roll. https://github.com/elysium-project/server/blob/development/src/game/Objects/Unit.cpp most of the relevant code is in unit handling, IIR there's also some code dealing with spell pen and resistance in spell handling.
  12. that guy actually taunted the GMs on discord about it, and was completely obnoxious. =) No loss to the community, IMO.
  13. You should probably take your lump with the understanding that it could've been a permanent ban, and a dollop of humility on the side because you got caught exploiting. There are no magic grinding tricks. there will never be a magic grinding trick, and if you Do find one it's obviously an exploit that you shouldn't be doing =)
  14. Naeras

    Dungeon Leveling

    at 10, go into wailing caverns and AOE grind to 21. 21 go into scarlet monastery and AOE grind to 45 45 go into stratholme undead, and AOE grind till you're sick of it. a bear druid and a frostmage mage make the ideal "plow" pair, assuming they're geared well enough.
  15. Option D: Let them ring the gong ASAP to set their position in the race. You're allowing a set number, anyway. don't allow more than that. Then actually do the gate event and open the gates during prime. IIR bliz did something similar on my classic server, because we rang the gong and the servers had to go down and come back up for the event to actually work.
  16. Naeras

    Beware, the Soulflayer is coming

    coins and bijous are in on release. i imagine most people will be farming trash for rep and drops, and only doing bosses on reset night to maximize rep and trash gains. =)
  17. Naeras

    I can not learn the alchemical recipe

    that was added in patch 1.10, which none of the servers here are up to yet. some cooking recipes are the same way sadly =/
  18. Naeras

    Hunters problem on Tracking

    all red is normal blizlike behavior. dots didn't change color till much later. =)
  19. Naeras

    Names on banned account still exist

    if you were banned 'for no reason' you should probably post in the ban appeals forum, following the prescribed methods. =)
  20. Blizzard banned people for ninja looting for over a decade, and only recently finally fixed the loot system to make it impossible. (no masterloot unless guild group) And Blizzard banned, and bans, people for violating the code of conduct. Arguably it took (and takes) a Lot of douchebaggery to get banned, but Yeah.
  21. Sadly, we've a plethora of trolls ingame and out. there's not much to be done about them until elysium is willing to set a code of conduct, and hold people to it. as-is, your best bet for ninja looters is to take screenshots. if they're from a decent guild, talk to their guild leadership. as a last resort, post on your server forums so other people know not to group with them.
  22. Naeras

    VF Launcher PSA

    This morning an update to nod32 flagged a trojan buried inside the current release version of vf_launcher, if you use it you may want to stop using it and change your password. it's possible it's a false flag and i will update this post when i get a response from eset.
  23. Naeras

    VF Launcher PSA

    yeah no, this isn't the launcher but is a file called notadmin.exe being downloaded by the updater. no response yet, but will update. =)