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  1. I dont know about you all but i rather pay $15 a month rather than wasting 3 hours each day trying to log onto the server getting ddosed. I can't afford having all this down time because it's hard enough to play vanilla having limited time. Why not just make the server p2p so you can afford ddos protection and stable servers, please.
  2. Swolbie

    Horde retarded?

    Alliance do the same shit, gtfo
  3. Swolbie

    Elemental Shaman counter

    Lmao not at all, frost shock is a slow that deals damage? Can you spam that to win, it helps but doesn't win fights lol. It's clever usage of earthbind, tremor, grounding, poison cleansing, and grounding. Knowing where to position your character for a clear lightning bolt and chain lighting, knowing when the other guy has kick up so you can get a heal off, and of course purge. There's skill involved to ele shaman and I've only seen a couple people play it well.. if you say lol frostshock you're probably not one of those people.
  4. Swolbie

    Hate guild exploits

    What's the bad news for me?
  5. Swolbie

    Gaming lap for Vanilla

    Dude I would actually love to know too, I could definitely use a shitty affordable laptop to play wow at work
  6. Swolbie


    Sorry for the late answer but it's 48ally-52horde give or take.
  7. Bump because I know there are more time restricted people trying to find a guild that they can raid and pvp with later on. I can vouch and say these guys are friendly and cool people.
  8. Swolbie

    Hate guild exploits

    This bothers me too, although I don't know what guild or players you're talking about. I hate the fact that people are able to do shit like this and get ahead of the gear curve without having to put in the hard work. Seriously fucked up
  9. Swolbie

    Elemental Shaman counter

    The answer to this question is Ele shamans have no counter, we're the counter class. If You play any given situation well you can beat anyone 1v1.
  10. Swolbie


    Cshibster I understand your concern but trust me you'll make it through, I can't speak for you but for me the world pvp is so worth the few minutes i lose having a few other people questing by me.
  11. Swolbie


    Go for elysium pvp. You'll love it man, tons of world pvp while leveling and instant q pops to bgs
  12. Trust the staff, trust the project, and trust the legacy. Nobody owes you a damn thing but elysium chose to host this game for us. NOT CRESTFALL, there's a saying that says remember where you came from. The elysium team gave us a home and I can say that I am loving the game thus far and hope it remains this way. some drama arose through alexensual and crestfall, it's funny but you should know alexensual is banned for accusations and giving people a bad taste about the server; it's clear to me why he's banned. Now this kid makes money from his YouTube channel about vanilla, if elysium succeeds and runs a successful server alexensual will eventually die off. He will keep making videos trying to stir shit just be aware. Don't change your loyalty because of this clown, this server deserves a chance.
  13. How long does it take to be fully rested if you're in an inn? If you know post it below please, thank you!