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  1. Dollylittle

    Oily Blackmouth?

    Try virtualy any spot in any level 20-30 zone. 10-20% oily blackmouth, 10-20% firefin snappers.
  2. Dollylittle

    Lupos & 1.9

    I can confirm: on Zeth'Kur Lupos still does shadow damage! 2017.03.08 11:38 am server time on Zeth'Kur.
  3. Dollylittle

    Lupos Taming Guide - (Elysium Only)

    It enables exact matching. "/Script TargetByName("Lupos")" or "/target Lupos" targets Rare NPC Lord Malathrom, the Player Letch and Lupos as well. "/Script TargetByName("Lupos", true)" targets only Lupos.
  4. Dollylittle

    Leveling a lower level pet

    No XP on Zeth'Kur for gray mobs. I'm 48 and killed some level 23 (Lupos own level) in Duskwood. Not a singe XP for the pet. EDIT: After a relog he DO get XP for mobs not grey to HIM but grey to ME. EDIT: It seems that beeing in a party triggers the ?bug?. In a party Lupos didn't get XP. Solo he do get XP from gray mobs (gray for me, green to Lupos)