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  1. Gnomageddon

    Level 40 gold help!

    Leveling up tailoring and enchanting will help you later, but is hurting you now. My advice would be to respec into aoe farm spec and consult this list for some good aoe farm spots. Mostly, don't get the frostbit talent and make sure to put points into imp blizz. http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Mage_area_of_effect_locations This method is pretty good for leveling and will get you a lot of gold quickly. Check youtube for some how to guides. Good luck!
  2. Gnomageddon

    So it still costs 50g to PvP

    Yea that's pretty much what I do. I use a spec that works ok for raiding, farming and pvp. Once I save up enough gold, then I'll spec into a good spec for what I'm doing then it's back to farming when I run out. I'm most certainly thankful for the reduced respec costs. Was just curious how the rest of the community felt about removing it entirely. Doesn't sound like it's gonna happen though.
  3. Gnomageddon

    So it still costs 50g to PvP

    lol who said I was crying. Just suggesting an improvement to the game (in my opinion). Pls don't cry
  4. Gnomageddon

    So it still costs 50g to PvP

    25g to go pvp spec, then 25g to go back. Time spent farming = time not spent pvping No worries. Just wanted to throw it out there.
  5. I remember awhile back we were asked by the Elysium team what could be done to improve PvP. A large portion of us suggested removing the respec costs, as this would allow the raidloggers, casuals etc to afford to spec back and forth between raid and PvP spec. While reducing the respec costs by half has helped greatly, it still costs 50g to respec for PvP and then back to raid spec. For anyone who isn't able to play a whole lot, this drains the bank pretty quick. Back in the Vanilla days, a lot of us were kids with no jobs, responsibilities etc. Sure it's not "Blizzlike" to erase respec costs, but everyone knows that respec costs were one of the most hated things in the game. Thus the reason Blizz came out with dual spec. To get to the point - Please halp and remove respec costs so that we don't have to PvP in raid spec.
  6. Gnomageddon

    Recommended 3rd party add-ons?

    I love pfui. It's very customizable and greatly improves QOL. I use this exact setup http://bit.ly/2pt1WoV Follow the instructions listed on here. You basically download everything and replace your wtf folder, rename it etc. Once you do that, you login and bam. Everything is setup and ready to go. I've been using this for quite awhile and love it for pve and pvp. Start with this, then tweak it to your liking. You may wish to add more addon. Also, it won't erase your macros. One of my favorite features is the "hover keybind" option. It allows you to hover over keys and bind them, rather than going into the traditional keying menu. Enjoy!
  7. Gnomageddon

    DM Farming - Still Possible?

    You can farm DM N and E as frost mage
  8. Gnomageddon

    pvp vid

    Nice vid man. Will miss PvPing with you and all the other Horde cucks on Zeth'kur. It's been fun. RIP Zeth'Kur.
  9. Gnomageddon

    AFK out of BG

    ahh true. Thanks
  10. Gnomageddon

    AFK out of BG

    How do you afk out of a BG? Typing /afk doesn't seem to work...plus apparently, going afk in a bg will get you perma banned. Won't let me leave the raid group either. Sometimes I can't finish a game if it goes on too long. Pls respond
  11. Gnomageddon

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    I think a lot of players don't PvP because they prefer to raid and simply don't have the time to grind gold to swap between PvP and raid spec every week. As a mage, my raid spec is complete garbage in PvP and vice versa in PvE. It's not blizzlike, but removing the respec cost could provide incentive for more people to PvP. Besides, Blizz implemented this later in the game. They just weren't thinking back in vanilla.