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  1. Xpirimint

    Excalibur-WoW Transfer to here?

    Oh ok, well it seems they just closed the TBC sever here with no explanation yet. I haven't played on it so I can't say for sure what's happening, but some people seem rightfully pissed off ^^
  2. Hello, since Light's Hope just released characters' data, I was wondering if Elysium had any plan to accept transfers from there?
  3. IG nickname same as forum nickname, feel free to blacklist me ;) Yes I know, but this procedure let the doors free to ninja looters of all sorts (accident ninja looters or real ones). By everyone rolling need, that prevents the ninjalooters. You're not alone in this game, playing by your own rules and standards you will get fucked more often than not. Adapt to the community's implicit rules. Posts like yours are legion in Vanilla forums.
  4. Everyone can need on BoE items, that's the implicit rule. BoE item = money and money = BoE item. It's the same currency, buy it at the AH if you really need it. That mage is not a ninjalooter.
  5. Xpirimint

    Nighthaven PvP — Timeline

    1 year and 2 months seems more than 1 year of progress to me
  6. Hello, maybe you should send an in-game mail to all Zeth'Kur characters, people don't all check forums, and if they connect on their characters they might not go to capitals or talk to the quest goblin.
  7. Xpirimint

    Leveling a lower level pet

    Grey mobs didn't work on Elysium for me. Maybe it's a patch thing? Unijkeee, Oakenlix, maybe you're playing on Anathema / Darrowshire ?
  8. Xpirimint

    Leveling a lower level pet

    The pet doesn't get the xp if the mobs are grey though =/
  9. Xpirimint

    Leveling a lower level pet

    Hello, what is the best way to level a lower level pet? Currently The Rake lvl 21 on a lvl 33 hunter.