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  1. Therealfotm

    Silithus Field Duty Begins on Anathema

    Whats the deal with auto completion?
  2. When you clearly saw the prices rising so drastically, you should have bought a bunch to sell later on at a higher price.
  3. Therealfotm

    So, let's talk about the War Efforts

    Not just this, but it feels like they don't even want to have the Anathema server be a thing. It's not their baby and their focus is clearly on that of the "fresh" servers.
  4. Therealfotm

    So, let's talk about the War Efforts

    lol inb4 stop complaining, they listened and dropped the requirements inb4 cucks defending admins for fucking up something so easy inb4 inb4 first
  5. Therealfotm

    War Effort — UPDATE 3/26/2017

    Hi lifealert!!! Yah, i think most people i know would end up quitting if thats the case, hell even if its out in may i can see many leaving. We'll see when they release this update, but if it doesnt auto complete within 2 weeks, im sticking to my original projection.
  6. Therealfotm

    War Effort — UPDATE 3/26/2017

    Its already been 3 weeks. Highly unlikely its over by next week. Dont forget, even if the war effort was completed today, you would need a minimum of 2-3 BWL resets in order to get through some of the steps in the quest chain, and that doesnt include the carapace farming part of it. My "earliest" estimate in which we would be able to raid AQ would be the first week or two in May, and thats wishful thinking. A more realistic release date would be sometime in june. At the end of the day, i hope im wrong. i hope the news is a breath of fresh air, which is something Anathema dearly needs. Love you all
  7. Therealfotm

    The War Effort Reborn

    whatever it takes to get the war effort completed in a reasonable time (3-4 weeks) I'm all for.
  8. Therealfotm

    Anathema PvP — Unexpected Downtime

    Lol this server is good as dead. anathema will never see aq
  9. Therealfotm

    The Gates of Ahn’Qiraj

    You realise they have never released aq in the 5-7 years time theyve been around?
  10. Therealfotm

    The Gates of Ahn’Qiraj

    Their answer: Moar blizzlike! Real Answer: we arnt even close to having aq finished
  11. Therealfotm

    The Gates of Ahn’Qiraj

    You're correct. that was from there Q&A