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  1. Hurricane2

    The Difficult Choice

    There's been no lag on LH even at 9k+ pop. There's the same amount of gold spam as there's always been which is nearly 0 (I've seen 2 gold sellers in 2 weeks). The rest of your complaints are the definition of nonsense. You can donate to whoever you want for any amount that you want. Just know that when you donate on Elysium that it goes to shennas personal fund and not server upkeep.
  2. And what exactly did WK steal that elysium owned? It must be really obvious because you mention it in every thread without actually substantiating what it actually is.
  3. Except that the reality of that 10 year history reads like a travesty of errors opposed the success story you try unsuccessfully propagate.
  4. WK didn't steal anything. He just found a clever way to deny access to the corrupt staff since they had no intent to step down or change their ways.
  5. Hurricane2

    Arcane Crystals in Small Thorium

    Not possible.
  6. Hurricane2

    1-60, how fast?

    Locks level fast so would take you 4 weeks maybe less.
  7. Hurricane2

    POLL: Do you want a PvE TBC server?

    Dilizium or whatever his name was trolled the forums for months scaring people away from darrowshire until he finally disappeared.
  8. This question has been asked and answered many times. If you put any effort into finding the answer then you wouldn't be here asking people to elaborate on a question you asked that has a yes/no answer.
  9. Hurricane2

    [A] WTB CTS (BWL,Chrom) 3.500gold

    You forgot a couple of 0s on your price.
  10. Hurricane2

    pvp delay on elysium

    I get the same lag at 5k players as I do at 9k players so pop is not the sole reason.
  11. Hurricane2

    2FA doesnt work on a single Account

    I don't believe so. If you lose th e original qr code I don't think there's anything you can do.
  12. Hurricane2

    2FA doesnt work on a single Account

    Sometimes the timing gets out of whack. Synchronize the apps clock. If that doesnt work write down a code and try it 30 sec later, 1 min, 1 min 30 sec etc, hopefully it works. I tried this several times before when it wasn't working and eventually it worked.
  13. Hurricane2


    They have the ability to do many things. What they don't have alot of is time. Mp5 trinket you shouldn't be using and the pants are easy to get again. Also for bugged loot you have to have video evidence of the entire fight for a gm to be able to help you.