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    No e-mail or reasoning as to why, plead help I have thousands of hours invested in this account, currently was making a pvp video for zeth'kur and overall a great community helper and supporter and long time love and passion of vanilla wow... Account Name: --snip-- E-Mail Associated With Account: --snip-- Highest Level Character Name: studawtf & vampnaga Ban Reason/Notes: i don't know why my account was banned. I was in the GM box not that long ago for 'afk' inside a BG vs a permanent on their 3:3 flag.. I would appreciate any reason or info regarding my account and whether or not it's permanent as I would very much like to continue playing.. thousands of hours between my 2 chars, pvp video in the making w lots of good intentions on and for this sever and community.. please truly help me understand this and figure out to get back to raiding w my guild and ranking etc thank you very much all volunteers, helpers, staff, etc.. John ponte Quote Edit
  2. China.Fart - screw you guy! ... Get what rank you will let this is be your seal to demise of any worthy rep, curse you! ching-chong! Nerd
  3. Entire guild is loaded with Uber's keys, epic rings, all due to exploiting multiple LBRS runs that takes less than 10-15 min killing all gem bosses via hunter pet going through walls. BAM! Shit guild.. the biggest part to me is that these guys are so 'pro-active' on being community friendly and supportive, uhm hello hypocrite much.. way to be cheaters in the worst way, congrats and fail.