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  1. Gilbegger

    LF Dwarf Warrior

    If you find him...maybe you can help me find this girl I met a while back. -race: Human -hair: brown...or maybe blondish -age: between 20 - 40 That's all I got.. Ty...
  2. I think you missed the boat..er caravan. You had to select which server you wanted to go to...per ticket from the caravan. if no ticket was chosen...your character will be moved to Anathema. As far as when this will actually take place?...god knows when...and god knows where you are supposed to look to find the answer. Apparently NOT here for some unknown reason.
  3. Not sure what update from them you are talking about....the update I read said "ZK transfers will take at least a day to complete with a goal of being fully complete by the end of the week." That was from their twitter/Discord ... End of the week worst case...that is either friday...or sunday...worst case. Like idiots...most of us say 1 day...(wed)...no problem...2nd day (thurs)..great..they screwed up...np problem...3rd day (friday...today)...tell us something at least...glad I dont pay for this.
  4. Gilbegger

    Stuck in transfer mode from Zeth

    What communication?... They give more info on other sites but the main site...
  5. Gilbegger

    Where to go for updates

    Thank you .. Dissapointing that you cant get it here..
  6. Obviously this is not the site to go for status/updates on the transfer process...what site has the latest information. two days ...starting the third...and the only info I have seen is "will take at least a day...with a goal of being fully complete by the end of the week"...and this was on their twitter feed... Not trying to be rude...but i feel like a mushroom.
  7. Sounds so easy now...brain cramp....sorry.. Thanks for all the quick responses.
  8. I have reserved all of my character names from zeth going to Ely... My question is....after the transfer...and my old characters have the "change your name " indication...all I have to do is go down the page...delete my "place holder name character" ...then log back on...and the "change your name " indication will be removed from my transfered character? Is this how it will work? Thank you all in advance
  9. Gilbegger

    FP Grief is Fun

    Sometimes I want to hug you guys... and kick the griefers in the nuts...
  10. Gilbegger

    Skinning bug

    It must be a bug...I've skinned plenty of tauren pelts...and the orc are skinnable also..just have to look past the layer of dung. I burn the troll skin....
  11. I like you guys (Devs)...you seem fair and respond quickly...
  12. Gilbegger

    Cross zone mob pulls.

    if you cant get a few high level ally to come and help out a few lowbies...i feel sorry for you guys.
  13. Gilbegger

    Can I use two Acc? 1 to fish 1 to play?

    And cold milk is for warm chocolate chip cookies... mmmm...
  14. Thank you for the quick response Hurricane2. I was hoping there were enough people that joined Elysium between now and Zeth was formed (december?) that decided that a large /populated realm wasn't the experience they wanted...thus maybe wanting a move to Zeth. I lust loved Zeth...but everyone is right...the population is too low there for pretty much doing anything group related.
  15. Sounds fun!! (not!!) I may have missed it...I know there was a poll asking about who wanted to transfer..I believe it was about who wanted to transfer from Zeth to Ely...but...did they ever ask Elysium players if they wanted to move to Zeth? I know its too late...but if the staff did not....they dropped the ball big time. I have a feeling the overpopulation of Elysium is worse than the under population of Zeth. While finding groups can be a pain on Zeth sometimes...I find that easier to deal with than the nightmare that is Elysium. When the numbers drop about after a month after the transfer...I guess they will have their answer. Not looking forward to this....