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    Does the Elysium team have any plans to release a fresh Vanilla server? I am not really satisfied with the classic experience Blizard is offering, Also no shadow dmg for Lupos lol.
  2. Can you please check and confirm if Lupos will do shadow dmg on the fresh realm? Thanks.
  3. Is DM going to be open at launch?
  4. Hey guys, After I downloaded Unitscan from here https://github.com/shirsig/unitscan It does not show in my list of addons. I've tried erasing the master in the folder as other suggested but I am still having issues. Someone please assist.
  5. spygg

    lupos respawn timer

    Can any of the Elysium team confirm if Lupos will do shadow dmg on the fresh real?
  6. Will Lupos do shadow dmg on the fresh realm?
  7. Hey guys! I've noticed that after removing few pieces of gear the dmg of my pet stays the same. Also my pet does not seem to benefit from the resistance i have. Can anyone clarify if this is normal and which stats should benefit my pet. I recently got lupos, and i want to beef him up as much as possible. Thanks.
  8. spygg

    Lupos Taming Guide - (Elysium Only)

    Can anyone confirm exactly how much time is the respawn time on ZK? Noone seems to know the exact time based on the research i did. I keep getting 2-6h but that's too vague. Also is he guaranteed to spawn after server restart?
  9. spygg

    Guard Slip'kik

    On ZK he does drop loot but it seems the drop chance of the books is not 10%
  10. spygg

    The greatest race of Hunters

    I've done several runs of Guard Slip'kik however he did not drop a single book (ZK). DB says drop chance should be 10% however it's seems bugged here.