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  1. Update PvP Gear with ZG release.

    Does the fact that over 50% of my lifetime HKs are from after I hit r14 give me any authority to call you a fuckboy?
  2. Exploit?

    Drakkisath adds are supposed to be part of the fight. Kiting drakki until they're dead is aggroing them and dealing with them. FD splitpulling drakki to reset the adds would be a bug. Kromkrush is circumventable. You're just fidning another way to circumvent him. Seems ok. Emperors room is supposed to link to the Emperor. Kiting emperor, killing them all, then having hunter FD to have the emp come back seems to me analogous to the drakkisath strat. FD pulling to split them and leaving the adds alive isn't. Apply common sense
  3. Add to that that alliance hunters who defend can hide in hard hitting elite NPCs, while there's absolutely nothing to hide in at the horde flag. Luckily it doesn't matter so much because said alliance hunters are generally too retarded to prevent 10+ people from capping if they all click the flag at once
  4. Exploit?

    Good thing the post you literally just replied to said they're fixing it. No, I dont naturally assume anything I'm able to do without a third party program or boxing 2 clients is ok. There's a metric fuckton of things that require neither of these things and are VERY obviously not ok. Win trading. Gold buying. To name a few. The staff expects you to know what is, what is not, because you can literally read their ToU. There are grayzones, but using hunter pets bugged pathing to pull and farm bosses you're not supposed to be able to pull and farm isn't very gray

    Has the change actually changed much for you, though? Aren't you just still getting stomped by games that are 50-80% premaders?

    It indeed wont be good to premaders. But they're still players, you know? They're playing the game just like the casual puggers. if this change doesn't help the puggers, but harms the premaders, then what's the point here? Why not just ban them if they're doing something wrong? I agree with what you're saying by the way, but I think watching for win traders just isn't something the devs want to be doing with their time.
  7. Upgraded Blue PvP Set on Elysium

    Let's see I spent about 15 hours per day from the very start cause I ranked with the tide from day one. Eventually I started getting the last day off when premade was established and doing well. The journey took me exactly 3 months (again, cause I ranked day 1. Nowadays it's closer to 4). To keep it simple let's just assume 6 days a week. That's 810 hours. I'm assuming it's a lot more for people who start ranking now rather than earlier. To put this into perspective, let's see how those 800 hours do for you when raiding. Assuming you raid twice a week for 4 hours each time, and spend 3 farming gold for consumables each week for about 100g, this means 115 raid weeks are an equivalent time investment to ranking to r14 (if you ranked fast). In other words, you can kill nef 115 times, rag 115 times, ony 115 times in the same time it takes you to rank to r14. How many times have the people who are raid BiS on elysium right now killed these bosses? Less than that, because that's nearly 3 years worth of raiding. It takes an equivalent time investment to 3 YEARS WORTH OF RAIDING to get r14. From a time investment perspective you'd have to be an absolute retard to claim that ranking is easier than raiding. Let's also please think about the fact that you're forced to put in those hours on weekdays and aren't agreeable with a job. With my countries minimum wage in mind, I would've been able to make 20k USD with the time I spent ranking. Meanwhile you can have a job and raid easily.
  8. Arcanum of Accuracy suggestion.

    They'd probably use truestrikes even with the arcanum and way past hitcap, unless there's some sort of softcap for hit% at 12-13% I'm not aware of.
  9. Defeatist attitude in PvP

    Were you lying to me, white boy?
  10. Defeatist attitude in PvP

    People go "wahh premades" all the time and don't even try and it would seem like premades really do cause this defeatist attitude right? Then you go into Winterspring or Dire Maul and try to do some world pvp against other 60s, 1v1. And you'll have mages stand still and /clap and /sigh while you, a warrior, kill them. When you could easily be solod by any old level 58+ mage because you're not even wearing your pvp trinket while farming/going for a dungeon. And then you realize: most people just dont like pvp. It has nothing to do with premades. Some people just don't seem to be aware that you can fight back. This is why the "make your own premade" argument is always shot down by these people. They literally cannot fathom it.
  11. Stick to truths, please. And hey, that's how it is. Alliance are much more organized and overpower horde when it comes to world bosses here. Maybe the dynamic will change one day. It certainly won't change by means of cross faction collusion, though. if you want something to blame for this particular dynamic that seems lame to you, blame the fact that Blizzard designed this game to be very casual due to the two faction system. You can't kill same faction people contesting the things you contest, so it comes down to exactly what you described: people having tag wars. And yeah, you can go "but it'll bring pvp!" all you want, but in the end it will infact end up with horde helping alliance and alliance helping horde and that seems to be pretty fucking against everything world pvp stands for.
  12. Arcanum of Accuracy suggestion.

    For dualwielding players it should be. To which extent I can't really answer accurately because my theorycrafting isn't amazing, but I can tell you that the top 5 dps warrs and rogues on elysium all use ~12%+, the warrs all use truestrikes. Which in other words means: Raid warriors will put on a set of low item level lvl56 shoulders over BWL drops simply because they have 2% hit and some change. Viewed from that perspective, a proposed item such as an arcanum of accuracy would overpower all other arcanums.
  13. Arcanum of Accuracy suggestion.

    Truestrikes stays BiS warrior until AQ I'm pretty sure
  14. PVP BG 3 MAN CAP

    oh For the record if I played a druid I absolutely would be dicking around in a hybrid spec too, because it's fun as fuck, but I have zero delusions that respec cost has anything to do with hybrid specs being tolerated or not. It's simply a minmaxing thing.
  15. Cap/Randomization Change to BG

    I don't think you've ever premaded, so your opinion is probably safely discarded