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  1. Ironically this is your opinion of their decision making process, which you (thankfully) have no personal experience with
  2. Caber

    ganker name

    They literally host a pve server too, what the fuck else do you want son
  3. Caber

    Target dummy

    Yeah except nobody does that. You'd still have more people testing in the end. I completely understand why they wouldn't do it, but there's distinct benefits
  4. Caber

    Target dummy

    Just as a little thought... there's 8k players on Elysium at nearly all times. There's like 500 people on the PTR whenever it's going. The main method of finding out bugs, exploits and broken mechanics is usually hitting target dummies on the PTR. Wouldn't it be nice if people could test shit on Elysium itself instead of having to run to the PTR? You can argue "but they could just go on the PTR" but again: 8k players vs 500 players. Surely it'd aid the overall atmosphere of testing things and help improve the server. As for the weapon skill concern, I assume they could just turn it off on those. And if not... to be honest I dont think it would cheapen a single aspect of the game if you could just afk next to a training dummy and get 300 wep skill eventually. It's not like weapon skill training actually adds anything to the game. It's just pointless time wasting anyways.
  5. Feels a bit pointless limiting world buffs when we're letting people clear naxx in 1.12 talents, but ok
  6. Does the fact that over 50% of my lifetime HKs are from after I hit r14 give me any authority to call you a fuckboy? Here's a little thing you're not considering, fuckboy. Consider you got r12 on retail by "not focusing on the gear" (let's disregard the fact that you probably tryharded to r12 for the pants and are lying about it now). You're saying there is now a lack of people who don't just "honor stomp", but want to actually play the game and get rewarded on the side. Do you suppose that maybe making the easily attainable awards (r10) better wouldn't cause more people to play, and encourage guilds to randomly put together a prem to win some game, and encourage people to give the current no-competition honor stompers some fucking competition? Do you not suppose this would happen, fuckboy?
  7. Caber


    Drakkisath adds are supposed to be part of the fight. Kiting drakki until they're dead is aggroing them and dealing with them. FD splitpulling drakki to reset the adds would be a bug. Kromkrush is circumventable. You're just fidning another way to circumvent him. Seems ok. Emperors room is supposed to link to the Emperor. Kiting emperor, killing them all, then having hunter FD to have the emp come back seems to me analogous to the drakkisath strat. FD pulling to split them and leaving the adds alive isn't. Apply common sense
  8. Add to that that alliance hunters who defend can hide in hard hitting elite NPCs, while there's absolutely nothing to hide in at the horde flag. Luckily it doesn't matter so much because said alliance hunters are generally too retarded to prevent 10+ people from capping if they all click the flag at once
  9. Caber


    Good thing the post you literally just replied to said they're fixing it. No, I dont naturally assume anything I'm able to do without a third party program or boxing 2 clients is ok. There's a metric fuckton of things that require neither of these things and are VERY obviously not ok. Win trading. Gold buying. To name a few. The staff expects you to know what is, what is not, because you can literally read their ToU. There are grayzones, but using hunter pets bugged pathing to pull and farm bosses you're not supposed to be able to pull and farm isn't very gray
  10. Caber


    Has the change actually changed much for you, though? Aren't you just still getting stomped by games that are 50-80% premaders?
  11. Caber


    It indeed wont be good to premaders. But they're still players, you know? They're playing the game just like the casual puggers. if this change doesn't help the puggers, but harms the premaders, then what's the point here? Why not just ban them if they're doing something wrong? I agree with what you're saying by the way, but I think watching for win traders just isn't something the devs want to be doing with their time.
  12. Let's see I spent about 15 hours per day from the very start cause I ranked with the tide from day one. Eventually I started getting the last day off when premade was established and doing well. The journey took me exactly 3 months (again, cause I ranked day 1. Nowadays it's closer to 4). To keep it simple let's just assume 6 days a week. That's 810 hours. I'm assuming it's a lot more for people who start ranking now rather than earlier. To put this into perspective, let's see how those 800 hours do for you when raiding. Assuming you raid twice a week for 4 hours each time, and spend 3 farming gold for consumables each week for about 100g, this means 115 raid weeks are an equivalent time investment to ranking to r14 (if you ranked fast). In other words, you can kill nef 115 times, rag 115 times, ony 115 times in the same time it takes you to rank to r14. How many times have the people who are raid BiS on elysium right now killed these bosses? Less than that, because that's nearly 3 years worth of raiding. It takes an equivalent time investment to 3 YEARS WORTH OF RAIDING to get r14. From a time investment perspective you'd have to be an absolute retard to claim that ranking is easier than raiding. Let's also please think about the fact that you're forced to put in those hours on weekdays and aren't agreeable with a job. With my countries minimum wage in mind, I would've been able to make 20k USD with the time I spent ranking. Meanwhile you can have a job and raid easily.
  13. They'd probably use truestrikes even with the arcanum and way past hitcap, unless there's some sort of softcap for hit% at 12-13% I'm not aware of.
  14. Caber

    Defeatist attitude in PvP

    Were you lying to me, white boy?