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  1. Every time I select a character, wait to load into the game, I get disconnected after load completes. If I try and try it will work eventually, however, when I need to hop to alts it's even more annoying. Not sure if this is related but, when I load the client it gives me a prompt that settings have changed and yes or no to revert. I'm not sure the exact wording it gives because now the prompt window is invisible and I just have to press N to get it to launch. Any help on either of these subjects would be greatly appreciated!
  2. So I have stuck with Elysium back when that drama happened, I didn't care much for the details, I just stuck with the community I loved. I haven't been as active but in the past week I have been trying to find the time to play again. I have noticed, the number of players has been decreasing. It is currently prime time for NA on a friday night, and we're just shy of 800 players. When I was getting back into the scene, I noticed around 1.2-1.5k active. >800 is a pretty drastic decrease. I am concerned that it is time to move on, considering the population is seemingly dissipating. Do any more active players care to give me some insight? I don't want to start anew on Light's Hope, but I feel the lack of population is sueding enough for the transition. I am an altoholic, considering my lack of WoW experience in general, I was planning to be a self sustained player and learn the classes personally along side profession. I don't think I will have the opportunity now I have procrastinated enough... Please no flame or bashing, I would like a discussion, Thank is all, thanks!
  3. Easy Waters

    Log-in Disconnects, random lock up

    Well it's worse then ever now, initial loading screen will render my client "Non responsive" at about 1/5 of load and will disconnect me each time I try to log into a toon for the first time. Guess it's just my PC? I ran the test above and it said I would have issues with audio etc but it isn't an audio issue...
  4. Easy Waters

    Older PC question

    @Kruxis The game is literally unplayable on this PC...I hope I can get a refund, if not, there goes $100.
  5. Easy Waters

    Older PC question

    Thank you for the speedy reply sir! I appreciate it!
  6. Easy Waters

    Older PC question

    So you think that PC could run AA and maintain 60FPS at all times?
  7. Easy Waters

    Older PC question

    Recently my PC pooped out on me. It was a 1.9 processor with basic Intel HD integrated gpu running Win10 (8g RAM, retired office PC I aquired free) I ran to the local PC shop and they have a Compaq Presario CQ5300Y, at 2.3ghz and an integrated nvidia geforce 6150se with 4g RAM on Win7 (preferred over Win10) for $100. Anyways, my old PC ran 20-45 FPS on max settings no AA, and 60 in instances/caves etc. FPS would drop if there was a ton of AOE going on. My question is, will the Compaq be an upgrade or should I just save the money to build a PC? I know this game is very old, technically speaking, and I don't play any other games. I'd love to be able to run AA, and maintain a steady 60FPS all times. If this GPU can't handle that, I will hold off.
  8. Easy Waters


    What class is your friend? And are you exclusively leveling with them? If you are going down the holy tree, improved sor will help your dmg, and conse is a must. SoC will always be your best bet for dps, but that takes 11 points in ret.
  9. Easy Waters

    Log-in Disconnects, random lock up

    So I played for about 8 hours yesterday and the random freezing/stalling/lock ups have seemingly disappeared. Now I have been killed twice from random D/C. However, I still have the issue of being disconnected after character log in, and abnormally long load screen times. I actually timed it, logging in for the first time today it took 23 seconds to load the screen, and another 10 secs after loading to actually pop in game. Also, every model seems to take a while to load, I'm talking like 30 seconds of running around before my toon/others appear. I do not have any issues in other games that I play, maybe it really is the VPN issue. I just cannot understand how this is an issue now, when I leveled a 50 druid with no issues like this, whatsoever, and now all of a sudden hopping toons has become a hassle.
  10. Easy Waters

    Log-in Disconnects, random lock up

    After reinstalling a fresh client, from the thread in this forum, the problem still persists. With the fresh installation I have noticed a lot of stalling/freezing. Such as stuttering frames and slight freeze ups. I have about 10 addons and I have 1g dedicated to them so I wouldn't assume they are the issue for the stalls and freezes.
  11. Easy Waters

    Log-in Disconnects, random lock up

    What information could I provide to help? I would really like to continue playing, but if I have to play through a VPN, I would rather continue my adventure in WotLK server I have been playing. This has never been an issue. Not since Nost and all the previous releases after all that has happened throughout this server.
  12. Easy Waters

    Log-in Disconnects, random lock up

    bump - i have moved on because this problem is rather gamebreaking now
  13. So over the past few weeks, when I initially log into character selection, I will immediately disconnect. No big deal right? When I select my character to play, the loading screen is abnormally long and when it is finished loading, I will disconnect to character selection. Meh ok let me try again. It seems to only do it once per character I select, it was no big deal until recently my client will randomly lock up, and log me out. So far I haven't been killed when this happens, but it is rather inconvenient, and I was wondering if anyone has had this issue before?
  14. Easy Waters

    pvp in world or no pvp as it is

    This is were I'd go, in response. I'm about to hit 48 which will leave me as a prime target for any 60, but like he said, it is only temporary!