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  1. vampiricbeef

    How do Hunter Abilities Scale?

    Thank you that makes sense. now when i attach the gun because it has att power bonus i have like 10 more dps in my character ranged dps stats when i check. now the dps also brings up the damage per hit. So in anyway possible if you get enough of a bonus like attack power or agility on one of the weapons over the other could that have a potential to have any higher hits. [ lower damage faster attack with agility/ap increase to make the hit just as strong as the other weapon with higher hit and lower speed.]. - or does the weapon damage somewhat cap in a way? so eventhough my main dps drops for ranged attacks on player stats its still the better choice to go with the higher damage weapon? thank you and i hope this makes sense!!
  2. vampiricbeef

    How do Hunter Abilities Scale?

    Hello! I currently am a MM hunter and came across two items that were comparable in damage and wanted to know which one was better for my hunter. I use the good old frost trap then run to do aim shot trick for pvp and that's the best way i can explain my play style. - with attack speed of the weapon how does that scale with my abilites? - when choosing a weapon do i go for the higher damage weapon compared to higher attackspeed if they both are the same dps. ex.. [ Item1 = 22-33 dmg, 1.7as, 12dps], ,,,,,,,,, [ item2 = 40-55 dmg, 2.7as, 12dps] <----- pls note i made these items up and its just to compare if the higher damage lower attackspeed item is better than the higher attack speed lower damage same dps. These are the two items i came across and the people are telling me to go with the lower attack speed item, which is the bow. " verdant keepers aim" - "megashot rifle"