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    yeah these guys really aren't responding what's up with that haha.... https://discord.gg/NMHB6
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    get out retribution paladins reeee
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    Doing a dungeon as the leader is basically the same as this. I think that if you put the effort to put the group together [sometimes this shit takes like thirty minutes or an hour etc] you should be able to reserve whatever you want.
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    probably said already but i don't want to read through all replies zzzz If an item has a low drop rate (Felstriker, Dal'rend(s), Ironfoe,) I think the person who puts the effort to form the group and finds someone with a key (if needed of course) should be able to reserve an item of whatever they want. If you need the item that's reserved, then don't go, others will fill your spot. Not everyone is going after the exact same loot. Besides, there are groups at nearly every time of the day doing dungeons; you're bound to find a group where the item you need isn't reserved. And, if you need that item that all the parties reserve, make your own group and reserve it for yourself. And to the person who was saying that reserving items """ruins""" the fun from dungeons.. uh??? hello? It's not fun to do like 20-30 UBRS runs for your Dal'rends or like 100 for your Ironfoe/Felstriker only to lose them to some random.