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  1. angolmois95

    Is it difficult to be on horde?

    I hope the admin does something about the imbalance on Darrowshire, because it is really getting worse. It used to be 2:1 ration in favor of Alliance but nowadays it's closer to 3:1. The Horde population is shrinking and this has a terrible consequences on the AH economy.
  2. According to the vanilla database, the Smelt Truesilver should be orange until 250, but mine is grey. Is this a bug or intentional?
  3. Has anyone else noticed the huge amount of obvious bots in newbie areas? They're quite easy to detect. There's 2 toons together, one following the other at every moment, both have the same class and they both cast the same spells together at exactly the same time. Is this legal, or is the administration unaware of them?